September 01, 2014

F5IRO (Freddy)

Coque anti-ondes

Une nouvelle marque Ancilia lance en partenariat avec le CNRS une nouvelle génération de housses. Le principe est de préserver la santé des consommateurs des éventuels méfaits des transferts d'énergie du portable vers l’utilisateur, lorsqu'il est au contact du corps ou de la tête. Ces housses sont conçues avec une coque frontale en considérant la notion de protection en mode veille et surtout,

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SUNe télégraphe

La revue de nos voisins Suisses "le SUNe télégraphe" est disponible en téléchargement. Au sommaire: LOOP magnétique et antenne HF-P1, par HB9DNP - Transformateurs large-bande ondes courtes, par HB9BLF - 3B8 / HB9ARY - le 160 mètres, par HB9ARY -  Réception de signaux AIS en VHF à l'aide d'un récepteur SDR très bon marché, par HB9DTX. lien

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G3XBM (Roger)

Sunspots and 10m

Sunspot count today is 64 (modest) and 20-30MHz propagation "normal". 10m F2 is possible. Es and GDX are still quite likely, although so far on 10m WSPR it has been quiet with just local G4KPX (14km) spotted strongly at -7dB S/N.

There are a couple of signals coming through for much less than 2 minutes that may be Es or even MS. So far, these have not decoded.

G0LRD (25km) has spotted me now at -13dB S/N.

UPDATE 1538z:   PT2WWV (8873km) has been spotted by F2 this afternoon. Earlier in the afternoon,there was Es from Spain.

UPDATE 1835z: Italians now being spotted by 10m Es - IK1WVQ (1084km) and IK3NLK (1136km).

UPDATE 1900z: PT2WWV (8873km) is again being spotted. Not sure if this pure F2 or a combination of F2 and Es. So far, the Brazilian has been spotted 5 times.
UPDATE 2025z:  PT2WWV has been spotted 11 times so far today.

UPDATE 2200z: PT2WWV  has been spotted 19 times on 10m WSPR today so far. I shall leave WSPR running overnight to see when this F2 opening finally ends. 8873km is a decent distance on 10m this long into the evening and darkness here.

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August 31, 2014

TI2/NA7U (Casey)

Selling a Slice of Paradise Pie in Costa Rica

Though our son's college days are still at least a couple of years away, my XYL and I decided it's a good time to add to the lad's college fund and free up some more time for other projects, so we are dividing our farm and selling pieces or the whole shebang if someone comes up with our price. We wouldn't be leaving Costa Rica in any case, however.

There's no need for me to go into the gory details here as it's all laid out on my other blog, in this post about our sale and on this fixed page that gives more details about each lot.

Special deal for hams who want to buy the house: I'll throw in my rigs and antennas at no extra charge! That would be a couple of full K2s, Ten Tec Argo V, 500W amp, lots of tuners, etc. and five antennas already up.

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K2DSL (David)

2014 SCC RTTY Summary & Stats

Now that I posted about the SARTG & NAQP contests from a couple weekends ago, I can get to this weekends summary.  Starting Saturday morning on the East Coast is the 24 hour SCC RTTY contest that last for 24 hours. The exchange to send between stations is the year the operator was first licensed so I send 2007. Each unique year on each band counts as a multiplier for your final score.

I decided to use the N1MM+ beta version that was released. Though it has been available for anyone to use for 2 weeks, last weekend I wasn’t home so this is the first weekend I could use it in an actual contest. For the most part it worked fantastic which just a glitch near the start where I was replicating an issue someone else had and caused my installation to become corrupt, but it wasn’t difficult to recover. Anything else I ran into wasn’t critical and never prevented me from making a QSO and logging the contact. The N1MM+ development team has put in a tremendous amount of time and they are positioned to have an updated environment to build upon for many years.

Conditions were pretty crummy for me, especially early on at 8am local time and the activity was pretty slow at times so I did other things (aka errands) while I went back and forth to the radio.  The advantage of it being somewhat slow was I could mess around with N1MM+ and especially some of the new features/options to see how they worked. On Sunday morning, though I woke up before the end of the contest, conditions weren’t much better and I didn’t locate anyone on 40m or 80m so I worked a handful of stations on 20m before the contest ended.

Looking at the license data that is sent as part of the exchange, the earliest license date I received from another op was 1946 (born 1928 based on his QRZ page)  which makes the operator licensed for 68 years now!  I didn’t log anyone licensed in 2014 and just 1 operator licensed in 2013. The median license year I logged across unique operators was 1979 and the most frequent wasn’t much different with 1978 being the year the most operators I worked were licensed.

Here’s my N1MM+ score summary results showing the 216 Qs made in the contest:

 Band QSOs  Pts Year (mult)
  3.5   16   32   14
    7   64  129   39
   14  124  340   52
   21   12   33   10
Total  216  534  115
Score : 61,410


As you can see, most activity was on 20m for me until the evening. I was hoping for more US stations to be on to work 40m and 80m but they must have been doing other things on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend. No 10m activity that I could find and nothing very exotic.


Here’s a screenshot of the contacts made using ADIF2Map (click to enlarge):



Now time to unplug the antennas as a series of thunderstorms are about to pass through.


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2014 SARTG & NAQP SSB Recap

As I was going to post about this weekend’s SCC RTTY contest I realized I hadn’t posted about the last contests I participated in which is now 2 weekends ago.  Well, here goes what happened back during the weekend of  Aug 16th & 17th…

Earlier in the week I brought my older daughter down to Clemson in SC to start her 3rd year there and now it was time to move my younger daughter into her NYC apartment before she gets started on her 2nd year at LIM College. So there really wasn’t a lot of time to get on the air but I managed to squeeze in some contacts in both the SARTG RTTY contest and the NAQP SSB contest.

In the SARTG contest I caught a little bit of the 1st of the 3 sessions over the course of the weekend. Missed all of the 2nd session. On Sunday morning 20m was active for the 3rd SARTG session. Happened to hear 2 loud JA stations while pointing to EU and worked them both before I spotted them on the cluster. Worked a bunch of JAs on 20m. 15 m was open at 8am ET / 1200z. I ended up working more JA mults then Canadian mults in the contest. With 135 Qs in the SARTG my wife and I headed back into NYC on Sunday to finish up getting her straightened out in her apartment.

N1MM score summary for the SARTG RTTY contest:

 Band QSOs Pts  Area DXCC
  3.5    4   35   1     4
    7   16  170   4     8
   14   81 1080  30    18
   21   34  470  23     4
Total  135 1755  58    34
Score : 161,460

The NAQP SSB was also that weekend with most of the activity taking place during the day or early evening on Saturday while I was in my daughters apartment putting Ikea furniture together until my fingers were bleeding!  When we got home late in the day I sat in the chair and worked as much as I could before I just needed to get some sleep. You can tell from the summary below that I was on 40m & 80m mostly vs any daytime activity that would have occurred more on 20m and 15m . But I made some contacts and can’t complain at all.

N1MM score summary for the NAQP SSB contest:

 Band QSOs Sec DX
  3.5   21  11  0
    7   69  26  0
   14   37  13  1
Total  127  50  1
Score : 6,477

Not bad with 262 contacts made in a weekend I didn’t think I’d even be able to turn on the radio. Daughter moved in, QSOs made, logs sent to all services/sponsors, and I’m a happy fellow! Apologies again for the late post.





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KA3DRR (Scot)

Dangerous Skies l Old Man And An Old Dog Pt. iii

He called off the pod of drones after successfully striking his prey and communicated to his superiors headquartered on Heard Island.


Easter Island
Maxim fought against the stick while his aircraft bled hydraulic fluid from the wound inflicted by an air-to-air missile. The pod of lethally armed drones took him by surprise and Maxim wondered why his radar didn't detect their signature? His Osprey continued tumbling like a rock falling off a cliff into the river a thousand feet below.

Between the struggle for control, facing near death, when survival adrenaline inundates the brain, Maxim thought about the men he served with in the mountains of Afghanistan.

His aircraft was dead and there was only one course of action before he and Jacqueline were dead too. Maxim pressed the push-to-talk button, "Jacqueline! Buckle up."

He pushed the throttle forward demanding the last gasp of mechanical life from his friend.

Maxim pulled the vertical take off lever downward hoping to initiate the hydraulic motors. Stainless steel screws fought and whined against the horizontally induced thrust of the Osprey's Liberty engines.


Maxim waited a split second and recycled the lever when another memory flashed into his consciousness. Jacqueline squawked the intercom, "What the frack!"

Maxim again cycled the lever this time slamming it into its locked position. The last of the hydraulic fluid surged toward the motors and the stainless steel screw groaned. The pair of Liberty engines started rotating. He looked at his altimeter. Five thousand feet until impact and oblivion unless the engines fully rotated.

Jacqueline gripped her harness squeezing tight enough to drain the blood from her hands. She thought about her parents and that Sunday afternoon when the devil reached out of the black sky. She remembered a sense of calm in her father's eyes when a fist of wind tore him away.

The giant propellers rotated into there respective positions and started auto rotating. At least, Maxim thought, the fuselage will absorb most of the impact avoiding the use of ejection seats. He didn't want an uncontrolled landing into the Pacific Ocean and waiting below was an abandoned National Aeronautics and Space Administration shuttle landing strip.

The Lie
Bill did not buy the lie sitting next to him and Guthrie although he gave her a passing grade for guts. He looked over at Betty Sue who was staring out the the window, "How old is your boy?"

She looked at him with bitter sad eyes like a woman who lost everything in her life except for the most precious of all, "He's a year old."

Bill sensed she did not want to talk and turned his attention to the gravel road in front of him. He thought about that long lonely stretch of life without anybody else except for Guthrie. Now, a strange twist in destiny, seated him with a woman and a baby.

Crazy times Bill thought to himself.

They warned us about the climate but who really cared? The scientists. The environmentalist. The politician. The foreshadowed change never really mattered to him.

He'd wake in the morning and the weather was predictable, routine, boring. Storms? Bill and Guthrie rode storms, many storms even one blizzard that turned Rapid City into a lunar moonscape. But, a storm that leveled cities? That surprised him and his old man bones.

Bill laughed. And, laughed again. Betty Sue shot him a glance then tucked the blanket around little Joshua.

"Don't you worry little lady. I know someone who can help us. I just hope we have enough gas to get to the Badlands."

To be continued...

73s from the shackadelic near the beach.

See Also
Dangerous Skies | Old Man And An Old Dog Pt. ii

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G3XBM (Roger)

73 magazine online

Just received this from Martin Mann in Cambridge. For some years Martin ran Cambridge Kits although I think he is now retired. When looking for a particular edition of 73, be sure to replace the year and month with the one you need. The year has to be changed in two places in the link!
Have you heard of Bill Hoisington, K1CLL, now sadly a silent key?  He was a prolific contributor on UHF to 73 Magazine in the '60s and 70s and is still a good read today, at least for a dabbler like me.  No expensive ICs, ha.  There is a list of his articles at and you can download complete copies of each issue of 73 Magazine as at .  The files are about 30MB and take about 5 min to download, the 73 server being rather slow.  For something a bit meatier the HICKMAN, I. (2002). Practical Radio-Frequency Handbook (3rd ed.) at,%20I.%20(2002).%20Practical%20Radio-Frequency%20Handbook%20(3rd%20ed.).pdfis pretty good and only 2 MB.  Do you know any other magazines with back issues on pdf ?  Hoping talking is easier for you now,  

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VU2NAN (Nanda)

Crystal Radio with speaker output

This version of my Simple Crystal Radio has only 4 parts - a moulded inductor, a germanium transistor, an output transformer and a speaker.

Extensive trials indicated that transformer efficiency, rather than exact turns ratio, is the key to better performance. Larger output transformers outdid the smaller ones. Focus then shifted to power transformers as their inherently thick conductors render them most efficient for this application.

Successive trials with transformers rated 230V/12V-2A,  230V/24V-5A and 230V/24V-15A gave progressively better results leading to fair reception of the local 612kHz, 200kW AM broadcast station.

A 3Ω speaker gave the highest output.

Antenna is a 60' random wire.

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G3XBM (Roger)

472kHz WSPR overnight

Overnight, I ran 472kHz WSPR but only the same old stations spotting and being spotted.  After G3XDV last night, no new stations in the log. Even with 5mW ERP, I don't think I am missing much: this seems enough to reach most stations.

Have now QSYed to 10m WSPR.

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F5IRO (Freddy)

Newsletter 432

La newsletter 432 du mois de septembre est parue. lien

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VK5CE/8, OC-173...QRT con 4.258 Qso

Craig / 29 agosto 2014

Es sábado por la tarde he aterrizado a salvo en Darwin para reunirme de nuevo con mi esposa. La madre de mi mujer tenía un propósito importante, que era estar en compañía de mi esposa en Darwin mientras yo estaba jugando a la radio en la isla. Es sólo una cuestión ahora de ver la cantidad de dinero que han gastado en compras en Darwin, mientras yo he estado en la isla durante 4 días.

Estoy absolutamente exhausto después de operar ayer sin parar desde las 06:00-17:30 UTC (15:30-3:00 am, hora local) y luego empaquetar rápidamente para irme al barco por la mañana y llegar a tierra, siempre y cuando los vuelos cumplieran con los horarios.

Afortunadamente estamos en vacaciones todavía durante un par de semanas más. Volamos a Broome en Australia Occidental mañana por la mañana por lo que voy a publicar la historia en el blog con fotos de esta DXpedition en los próximos días mientras esté de vacaciones con la familia. Luego volaré a Adelaide para participar en la gran operación VK6ISL OC-294.

Hoy he subido los QSO a ClubLog, para  que la gente pueda comprobar que están ahí o hacer sus peticiones OQRS.  

Yo también he enviado mi foto a UX5UO para que pueda comenzar a imprimir las Qsl de VK5CE /.

Si tienes alguna pregunta o si no te encuentras en el log online, pero consideras que tu Qso tendría que estar, envíame un correo electrónico a . Voy a empezar a revisar todos los correos electrónicos la próxima semana.

Vuelve dentro de la próxima semana para ver la historia y fotos, 73s de Craig VK5CE

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: August 31, 2014 10:54 AM

F5IRO (Freddy)

Innov Antennas

Nouveau modèle chez Innov Antennas la X FORCE 12XR3C, une beam HF compacte pour les bandes 20/15/10m.

Posted at: August 31, 2014 10:27 AM

QScope 2.9

Nouvelle version de QScope par Yan XV4Y.lien

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Las reflexiones de KY6R sobre KP1

Richard KY6R involucrado en grandes Dxpeditions en los últimos años ( ahora mismo VK0EK) comentaba y reflexionaba a través de su blog ayer sobre el proyecto que al parecer se llevará a cabo desde Navassa KP1........

Navassa está clasificado como el país #1 de la lista de los más buscados en ClubLog, ahora sabemos que se pondrá en el aire en los próximos 18 meses. Por lo general lleva 1 año planificar una Dxpedition y al tener que valorar la USFWS la elección del grupo que la llevará a acabo hablamos de febrero de 2016.

Cuando visité la web de K5D, ví que el grupo KP1-5 había ganado la solicitud y el permiso para operar desde Desecheo y lo activaron en febrero.

Sólo puedo imaginar que la activación de una isla del Caribe sería mejor en cuanto al clima después de la temporada de huracanes que termina en noviembre. Esto significa que será con toda probabilidad entre diciembre y marzo.

Voy a suponer que KP1 se active entre diciembre 2015 y febrero 2016, sucederá al mismo tiempo que Heard Is VK0EK y quién sabe tal vez otras 10 entidades del DXCC, más que interesantes, E3 y otras me vienen a la mente. En cualquier caso apuesto que a finales de 2015 y principios de 2016 habrá emocionantes operaciones TOP 10 del DXCC. Quién lo iba a decir, tal vez pueda sumar 3 0 4 nuevos países a mi Honor Roll#1 hasta 2016, sería toda una sorpresa, esperaba que esto me llevaría mucho más tiempo.

La propagación desde Heard será lo suficientemente buena en 40, 30, 20 y 17mts, siendo las bandas con la probabilidad más alta para la Costa Oeste.

En lo que se refiere a KP1 esto es lo que predice el servicio de propagación de K6TU, usando como archivo mi sistema de antenas.

Quiere decir esto que mientras Europa tendrá mayores posibilidades con FT4TA, NA las tendrá con KP1. Habrá una banda siempre abierta las 24 horas del día para el toral de los EEUU y un montón de horas en los que se varán favorecidos NA y SA. Para la Costa Oeste no hay un tiempo o banda donde se vea favorecida, yo esperaré a que la Costa Este y el Centro de los EEUU hayan dominado los pile up, entonces los del Oeste tendremos nuestra oportunidad.

Para mis 3 elementos yagi / 20mts la cosa estará así:

Todas las otras bandas tendrán más o menos el mismo patrón, puedo evitar las colinas en esa dirección, que están a 100º. No tendré oportunidad por los polos, pero no me preocupa la competencia con Europa, basicamente será una operación parecida a K5D y HK0NA.

Va a ser una operación emocionante y divertida.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

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EA3AKY (Josep)

VU4KV qrv on 6 meters in November

There will be a new dxpedition to Andaman (AS-001) and Nicobar (AS-033) in the month of November, 2014. The team is largely the same which was at VU7AG (Lakshadweep Islands 2013), with the addition of new members. The exact dates will be published once the logistics are in place. The call will be VU4KV.

Initially, a short duration activity will be carried out from Campbell Bay in Great Nicobar by few of the team members. This will be followed by a larger activation from Neil Island in the Andamans for at least 10 days.

As published in their web, they will have 6 meters with 500 w and a 5 elements yagi when at Andamans.

Posted at: August 31, 2014 09:12 AM

ZL7X Chatam Islands QRV 6 meters 11-16/sept.


JH1HRJ, JE1SCJ, JH1TXG and JA0VSH will be active from the Chatham Islands as ZL7X between September 11-16, 2014. QRV on 160 - 6 m, CW/SSB/Digi. QSL to JA0VSH (direct/bureau). LoTW and eQSL. [tnx DX World]


Posted at: August 31, 2014 09:01 AM

D44KS qrv 6 meters 5/9 - 10/10

Fran, EA7FTR will be active as D44KS from Boa Vista (AF-086),  Cape Verde from 5 September to 10 October. In his spare time he will operate SSB and RTTY on 40 - 6 meters. QSL via EB7DX. [TNX DX World / 425 DX News #1217]


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La Qsl de VK5CE/8, OC-173

Craig / 30 agosto 2014

He pedido las tarjetas QSL a Gennady UX5UO, así que espero poder empezar a responder las peticiones de QSL a principios de octubre, cuando regrese a casa después de la DXpeditión VK6ISL. 

73´s, Luis EA1CS

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August 30, 2014

W2LJ (Larry)


It was once again a busy Saturday.  I rewarded myself with a bit of radio time in between mowing the lawn and starting dinner.  I hadn't looked at the contest calendar beforehand and had no idea if the bands would be full of ravenous contesters, so I headed off to the relative quiet of the WARC bands.

Holy pileup, Batman!

There was a H U G E pileup just above 18.077 MHz.  Some listening revealed that it was indeed a "holy pileup" as the quarry of the hunt was HV0A - Vatican City. And he was loud - very loud! In 36 years of Ham Radio, this was about the second or third time that I have ever heard the Vatican on the air. I have never worked them before.

But today, with them being that loud (599+), I felt I stood a chance. In case you're wondering, wonder no more.  My QRP sensibilities took a backseat and I pumped up the KXPA100 to its full 100 Watt setting. How many times have I heard the Vatican?  Again, only once or twice before - it's rare for them to be on the air, for me to be home at the same time, and for propagation to be so favorable.  I wasn't about to let some false sense of QRP Pride get in the way of getting a rare and new country in the log.

The operator was smooth and was handling the pileup quickly and efficiently. Operating split, he was running a standard racetrack pattern. He was listening slightly higher up after each QSO until he reached a certain frequency and then began listening down unilt he reached a frequency about 1 kHz above where he was transmitting. The he began listening up again, starting the whole cycle over again. Almost exacty like trying to work any of the ARRL Centennial stations - once I figured out his pattern and approximately how much higher he moved after each QSO, I made my plan to "get in his way". After about 6 or 7 attempts, I got in the log. If I ever hear the Vatican this loud again, then next time will be a QRP attempt, this time I'm just fat, dumb and happy.

According to the CW Ops e-mail reflector, the operator was Robert S53R, CW Op #492.  Whomever, he was, he was good!

This is one QSL card that will be framed and hung on the shack wall, once I receive it.

Still stoked!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

Posted at: August 30, 2014 11:10 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

Back on 472kHz WSPR - and a new reporter!

About 50 minutes ago, I returned to 472kHz WSPR and was rewarded by a report from a new reporter this summer G3XDV. In the last 2 weeks of MF operation I have been spotted by 16 different stations. A lot more stations, if active, would be in range. Activity seems low regrettably.
Early evening on 472kHz WSPR
UPDATE 2030z:  The last time I looked there were 41 stations active on 472kHz WSPR. This is more than I can ever recall.

Posted at: August 30, 2014 10:31 PM

Now back to 20m

As 10m was the same as before (plenty of Es) I have returned to 20m WSPR but will try 20m JT65 and JT9-1 shortly. 10m F2 propagation is being seen in S.Europe, but has been absent with me.

UPDATE 1422z:  Best report so far on 20m WSPR is LA9JO (2096km). Nothing outside Europe so far.

UPDATE 1555z:  Just spotted VK5MR (16144km) on 20m WSPR. He was spotted again a little later. This is the best DX today. VK5MR was -23/-25dB S/N with 10W. This means my 2W (ERP less) would be inaudible his end.  He'd need to be around -16dB S/N with me for a chance of him copying me.  In the past, I have been spotted in  Australia on 40m, 20m and 10m with 1W WSPR or less, but not today.

UPDATE 1745z: VK5MR has now been spotted 4 times.

Posted at: August 30, 2014 07:46 PM


V60EME, Micronesia

Keizo JH3AZC / 30 agosto 2014

Estaré en Pohnpei, Federación de estados de Micronesia durante mis vacaciones del 10 al 14 de octubre 2014. Esta es mi tercera visita a V6 anteriormente operé como V63AZ y V6S el año pasado.

Este indicativo especial tiene doble sentido uno para celebrar mi 60 cumpleaños y otro por que creo que será la primera vez que se opere EME desde Microensia, en concreto desde el locator QJ96bn.

  • Antena : 12elements x 2 H/V-pol Yagi con LNA
  •  Tokyo High Power HL510V ( 500W output )
  • Tranceiver : IC706MK-IIG
  • Modo : JT65B only
  • Frequencia : dependerá del QRM/QRN local.
Qsl vía buro o directa a JH3AZC

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: August 30, 2014 06:15 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

QSYed to 10m

After being on MF (472kHz) overnight, I have at 0815z QSYed to 10m. 472kHz was disappointing with the same reporters. Best DX spot by me on 472kHz WSPR was DH5RAE (995km).

Sunspot count today is 73 but 20-30MHz conditions are expected to be "poor". Sounds like an unlikely day for 10m F2, but we'll see.
10m WSPR early Saturday
UPDATE 0900z:   EA5CYA (1376km) already spotted by 10m Es at 0834z.

UPDATE 0944z: Now Sweden SI9AM (1503km).

Posted at: August 30, 2014 05:23 PM

Gabriele IZ1KSW (Gabriele)

Un grande giorno

Non ho una buona memoria, questo e’ un dato di fatto. Tendo a dimenticare facilmente anche eventi di una certa rilevanza per non parlare di date e appuntamenti.Di quel giorno pero’ ricordo praticamente tutto, fin nei minimi dettagli. Partimmo presto, quella mattina d’inizio estate io e mia mamma; ricordo il treno, un regionale di quelli […]

Posted at: August 30, 2014 03:10 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

Gone back to 10m

Since about 5 minutes ago, I have QSYed back to 10m WSPR.  OZ7IT and G4KPX are good signals currently. I may try JT65/JT9-1 later on 10m or 20m.

UPDATE 1400z: All very quiet on 10m now with just locals G0LRD and G4KPX.  I may QSY back to 20m?  SM67464 (999km) was the last Es spot before lunch. G8JNJ/A (184km) was spotted at lunch time presumably by tropo and aircraft reflection (GDX).

Posted at: August 30, 2014 04:07 PM


P29 IOTA Dxpedition 2014

Derek G3KHZ

El equipo se reunirá en Singapur el 10 de septiembre para volar juntos desde allí ( Hans SM6CVX, Eddy K5WQG y Stig). No habrá viajes en barco esta vez. Nuestro amable capitán Vara puso su barco a la venta. Probablemente este sea nuestra última DXpedición a este territorio. Tenemos una cantidad importante de material y equipos almacenados en Papua Nueva Guinea. Esto incluye generadores, mástiles Spiderbeam, cable coaxial, carpas, mesas y sillas, etc Si alguien está interesado en ir allí este equipo se encuentra disponible. Si no hay ningún interés, probablemente nos traeremos algunos de los equipos de vuelta a casa con nosotros. Derek, G3KHZ / P29NI

  • OC-008     Nueva Bretaña Is.     11 al 14 setiembre 2014   P29VCX
  • OC-258     Kranket Is.               15 al 20 setiembre 2014   P29NI
  • OC-115     Kiriwina Is.               21 al 25 setiembre 2014   P29VCX
  • OC-240     Loloata Is.                25 al 30 setiembre 2014   P29NI

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: August 30, 2014 01:53 PM

Estado de las Qsl de VP2V/K2WK

William K2WH / 30 agosto 2014

Para aquellos que todavía están a la espera de la QSL de mi viaje a las Islas Vírgenes Británicas, Tortola Is. las últimas tarjetas van a salir en breve. Para aquellos que utilizan LoTW, todas los contactos verificados se han subido a la ARRL. Tuve que hacer más Qsl y espero por las nueva  el 10/09/14. Espero tener todas las cartas enviadas a finales de septiembre 2014. 

 Gracias por su paciencia y gracias por permitirme experimentar el raro placer y la emoción de ser un DX desde y para la comunidad de radioaficionados de todo el mundo por primera vez.

  • En 2015 volveré a estar activo desde VP2

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: August 30, 2014 01:40 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

40m WSPR

For the last 40 minutes I have been on 40m WSPR with the very indifferent PAR end-fed. Plenty of spts given and received, as might be expected. Will QSY back to 10m soon.
40m WSPR uniques in first 40 mins

Posted at: August 30, 2014 01:27 PM


It must be my stroke, but I seem to make at least one typo with every blog entry that I later have to go back and correct. Sometimes it takes me a while to even notice the error. As an example, "handicap" was "hadicap" for some while in the last post even though the spell checker had pointed this out to me.

If you see typos please tell me so I can correct as soon as possible.

Posted at: August 30, 2014 12:38 PM