July 30, 2014

KC9NCF (Dan)

Chicago Amateur Radio Operator Openly Admits to Abusing Neighborhood Watch Position

Earlier today,  one of the more popular amateur radio operators in Chicago, Illinois, was heard conversing on the Chicago FM Club UHF amateur (ham radio) repeater system (443.750Mhz), when he openly stated that he routinely "hides and peeks around local street corners" then saying this: "I have a cell phone, ya know, and I call 911 for the neighborhood watch, we help the police and they appreciate it. We have a cellular phone network. We patrol and sneak around, we follow people around to see what they're doing, and then we call the police when they commit a crime."

The radio op is not being named to protect his safety.

1. Following people around creates BIG problems!! According to Illinois Law, said operator admitted to placing people under unlawful surveillance, hence, (720 ILCS 5/12-7.3) (from Ch. 38, par. 12-7.3)Sec. 12-7.3. Stalking. 

(a-3) A person commits stalking when he or she, knowingly and without lawful justification, on at least 2 separate occasions follows another person or places the person under surveillance or any combination thereof

2. When people do this, the police oftentimes find that the cases they worked so hard on end up getting dismissed due to the stupidity of their so-called "supporters".  This includes those 911 calls that result in arrests, all because the defense attorney finds out that some ill-informed and badly trained volunteer from "neighborhood watch" did something such as place people under unlawful surveillance by way of following the defendant around without proper training or proper authorization.

3. The CPD beat facilitators and Court Advocacy committee has repeatedly told these neighborhood watch types about taking things too far, about placing themselves at risk they don't need to take, and about the impact it has on various cases the police are actively working on. Too many times we walk into the court room just to find that the ASA, the arresting officer, and others involved in the case have had their time wasted in the court room because the defense attorney did his homework and found out that the neighborhood watch screwed everything up by acting outside of their simple task of only being a set of eyes and ears.

When we have to explain to the victim and their family that their offender is going free because neighborhood watch screwed up, we ALL look bad! Each time someone is arrested, the system goes into debt, because that 911 call costs money, the response costs money, the paperwork costs money, the paperwork processing costs money, locking up the defendant costs money, the court proceedings cost money for the work done by the ASA, the Judge, the Court Reporter, the Sheriff's Department personnel who man our courtrooms, and prisoner transport costs money.

The next issue is this: neighborhood watch calling 911 for misdemeanors that fall well below the priority level CPD is currently functioning at! STOP Calling 911 for STUPID things and start worrying about the bigger felony problems such as felony violence (things like shootings, attempted murder, armed robbery, felony gang crimes, felony narcotics offenses that involve a huge dealing operation or involve weapons, human trafficking, and those sorts of things)

Calling 911 because someone is black or hispanic, or a group of young people who are non-white but not doing anything more than simply existing is a HUGE problem with CPD neighborhood watch, and the operator being referred to has been guilty of making these sorts of calls.

The things that neighborhood watch calls in as "suspicious" are usually things that no one else in a reasonable frame of mind would even associate with suspicious activity. Examples of some of the sillier things that get called in by neighborhood watch: a black guy pulls out a pack of smokes and grabs one for his friend, hands it to him, and all of a sudden the watch folks think it's a "drug deal", then there's the car with a couple people sitting in it waiting for a friend to come out from their house so they can go grab a bite to eat together, and the parent at the park with their kid who has a facial disfigurement, or the gender non-conforming person whose only crime is being gender non-conforming and being out in public going from point - A to point - B. There's also the calls made about people the watch folks don't particularly like, so they make something up and call 911. How about the innocent diabetic community member who is only guilty of taking his/her insulin injection in public, but to the watch folks, they're a drug abuser until proven otherwise.

Oh, can't forget the calls made to 911 about a metally ill community resident who hasn't done anything wrong except to go out in public, but no, neighborhood watch can't have that, they have to call this innocent person in and make sure they hassle them simply for being mentally ill. GET A CLUE: The mentally ill are more likely to be a VICTIM than an offender!! 

Nice set of values at CPD neighborhood watch, huh?  
Court Advocacy has its own problems such as Court Advocates not paying attention to violent felony offenses, and opting to go to misdemeanor court instead to deal with petty quality of life crap. This problem is widespread through CPD, and someone at 35th street needs to start getting on top of this. Victims of violent crime, including the deceased who pass away from victimization, and their families are going without the support they need because Court Advocacy is too busy paying attention to less important things.

The bottom line is that you don't abuse your position of public trust, even if it IS a volunteer gig.You don't use it to judge people and discriminate, you don't use it to hassle people, you defintely don't use it to play "special agent" and follow people around with your cell phone at the ready to call 911 when you have no clue what you're looking at!!! LOOK, LISTEN, and THINK before you call in someone and cause them all sorts of unneeded trouble. Would be nice to see some of these over-the-top watch people get charged with false calls to 911 sometimes.

Posted at: July 30, 2014 03:27 AM

July 29, 2014

M0KHZ (Kevin)

Telefonanschlusskosten beim Neubau des Eigenheims

Montage APLIhr Neubau wird demnächst fertiggestellt und Sie möchten sich jetzt schon darüber informieren, welche Kosten für den Telefonanschluss anfallen. Wird ein Neubau abgeschlossen, folgt i.d.R. ein Telefonanschluss, der installiert werden muss.

Wo beantragen Sie ihren Hausanschluss?
Ohne Antrag werden Sie einen Telefonanschluss nicht bekommen. Daher empfehlen wir Ihnen jetzt schon diesen vorab zu beantragen. Dabei können Sie auswählen, ob Sie den Antrag direkt bei dem Bauherrenservice der Telekom oder im Antragsformular für Ihren Stromantrag stellen möchten. Den Anschluss bestellen können Sie mit dem Formular von der Telekom machen, hier der Link.
Des Öfteren liegt der Antrag für den Hausanschluss schon gleich mit bei den Anträgen des örtlichen Stromversorgers. Wenn dies der Fall sein sollte, können Sie beide Anträge gleichzeitig stellen und die Kosten für den Anschluss werden aufgrund der Einmal-Installation nicht doppelt berechnet.

Was kostet eine Neuinstallation des Telefonanschlusses

Für die Installierung des „APL innerhalb des Gebäudes“ erhebt die Telekom eine Kostenpauschale von 399,00 Euro. Die Montage des APL muss sein, denn er dient als Verteiler für die Telekom Leitungen, die gebündelt werden.

Insgesamt sollten Sie Kosten in Höhe von ca. 500,00 Euro bis 1.200,00 Euro kalkulieren. Das hängt wiederum damit zusammen, ob ihr Haus weit oder nicht weit von der Grundstücksgrenze liegt.

Posted at: July 29, 2014 09:42 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

More JT65 and JT9-1 operation

Over the lunch period I operated JT9-1 and JT65 on 20m. Although I got plenty of reports of my CQ calls on JT9-1 (via PSKreporter) not a single QSO. When I went to JT65 on 20m I had a decent 2-way QSO with EA3KU (1307km) in JN00 square. Seems JT65 operators outnumber JT9-1 operators by about 10:1.

Posted at: July 29, 2014 10:07 PM

Same callsigns?

One of the drawbacks of WSPR (currently) is you tend to get spotted, or spot, the same stations over and over again. I am even seeing the same stations being spotted on 10m and on 6m.

It would be very nice if there were a lot more active stations, so spots came from a variety of stations. I am even seeing this on JT65 and JT9-1.

Perhaps people think these "new fangled" digital modes are hard and so only a limited number of people (currently) use them. Let me say, if even I can use these modes then anyone can! All these modes are great with low power and have really opened my eyes as to how far very low powered signal can be detected.

10m unique WSPR spots this afternoon (duplicates not shown)

Posted at: July 29, 2014 10:03 PM


AH0BT y KH0UA, Marianas Is.


7L1FPU ( AH0BT) y su hijo de 14 años KU0UA/JF1UCV ( KH0UA) vuelven a las islas Marianas del 31 de julio al 4 de agosto 2014.

QRV en bandas de HF.

  • AH0BT: Direct(2USD+SAE), JA-Buro(via 7L1FPU), LOTW ....
          Direct address: ML9292, 2-14-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, JAPAN

  • KH0UA: Direct(2USD+SAE), JA-Buro(via JF1UCV)
          Direct address:  ML9292, 2-14-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, JAPAN

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: July 29, 2014 09:54 PM


Tenda Rossa 1928: S.O.S dal Polo Nord

Un evento è stato organizzato da IK1VHX Bruno sullaRievocazione storica dal 31 luglio al 4 agosto con la trasmissione della stazione trasmittente ONDINA utilizzata dal marconista Biagi. DUn evento è stato organizzato da IK1VHX Bruno sulla ettagli in allegato.

Posted at: July 29, 2014 07:27 PM

IZ1CRR (Maury)

My CQ Monitoring Station ID

The CQ Monitoring Station program is modeled after the renowned WPE program launched by Popular Electronics magazine more than 50 years ago. The program was run by Tom Kneitel, WPE2AB, who would go on to become founding editor of Popular Communications magazine in 1983. Pop'Comm launched its monitoring station program January 1, 2012, filling a void left by the passing of the WPE program and Popular Electronics magazine. When Pop'Comm was made a part of CQ magazine's CQ Plus online digital supplement, it was renamed the CQ Monitoring Station program.

CQ Monitoring Station ID signs are issued on a first-come basis, determined by the date and time on your application email or the postmark of the request you send via the U.S. Postal Service. You may choose a “vanity” station ID or simply say “No Preference,” and we’ll pick a station ID sign for you. Read Monitoring monthly in CQ Plus for the latest updates to the program!

How to Apply for a CQ Monitoring Station ID

Posted at: July 29, 2014 05:09 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

Back on 10m WSPR

For the next several hours I have gone back to 10m WSPR.  This means I can monitor progress in the lounge. So far, SI9AM (1503km) from Sweden, running 200mW, is coming in pretty well by Es.  I am running about 2W ERP on 18% TX duty cycle, so mostly listening/looking.

Sunspot count today is good at 143 and the 20-30MHz forecast is "normal", so I am hopeful of some F2 propagation on 10m today.

UPDATE 1435z:  OH6GKW (1839km) and I have just exchanged WSPR spots on 10m.

Posted at: July 29, 2014 04:49 PM

Over priced KX3 options

Steve G1KQH has spotted the price of "after-market" mics on eBay.  Under £5.

"The price of a Microphone:

Someone is having a good laugh at stitching folk up with those KX3 Mics.  The whole KX3 price is through the roof but there are plenty on the bands?"
I stand by my assertion that, sadly, the KX3 is overpriced, certainly over here in the UK. I know that it is a truly exceptional radio with a first class specification but, as I have said before, for my sort of operating - mainly from home and occasionally /P, the FT817ND is FAR better value and it covers 432MHz all modes too. I cannot fault the FT817 although I appreciate the KX3 is better on RX. My FT817 has worked the world on SSB and always with simple wire antennas. I have worked a lot of continents with whips on the rig indoors too.

Posted at: July 29, 2014 04:38 PM


JA6TBE... AS-200 ( nueva IOTA) y AS-041

Icko, JA1BPA informa a Dx World que uno de los más prominentes operadores japoneses, Hiro, JS3CTQ, planea activar la  nueva IOTA AS-200. Afirma que " nunca se irán de la isla hasta que complete los logs con 1.000 llamadas diferentes y 6 continentes . "Las fechas previstas para la AS-200 y AS-041 son:

  • 13 al 16 agosto -  AS-200  -  JA6TBE / 5
  • 12 al 15 septiembre -  AS-041  -  JA6TBE / 4

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: July 29, 2014 04:24 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

100kHz - 1.7GHz SDR

This data was passed to me by Steve G1KQH (again). It looks like an SDR in a screened box with proper interfaces. It comes from Hong Kong. Price is £36.99. I have never played with SDS dongles.


Posted at: July 29, 2014 04:01 PM

N0HYD (Burke)

Lunchtime Portable - It's been a while!

After reading about Mike, VE3WDM going portable, it got my blood pumping to get back out for some lunch time QRP operations!

So last night I tracked down the coax and put the gear in the Pilot.  It has cooled off a bit this week, it was only 83 deg here when I arrived at the park.  I quickly got the Portable QRP Antenna put up and was on the air!

I worked a total of 6 stations during my one hour of operation.  20 meters was decent stateside, but 17 meters was a disappointment.  17 meters has typically been my favorite band for some lunch time DX!

Here is the run down of todays activity:

W1AW/9 20 meters into Indiana
KW7D 17 meters Paul in New Mexico

I called CQ and...

K7TAN answered me - Don was in Idaho, we had a brief QSO which was nice.

Then back to search and pounce...

K6TW was activating W6/CT-003 Mt. San Antonio which is east of Los Angeles.  I would really like to be a SOTA activator sometime!

W1AW/9 this time on 17 meters

and finally...

W0FV was calling CQ on 20 meters and was very loud!  Doug was in Grand Junction, CO - we had a brief contact as he gave me a 359 RST.  Thanks for pulling me out Doug!

Then it was time to head back to work, so I quickly pulled everything down and headed back to the office.

Another fun lunch time portable QRP session in the books!

Posted at: July 29, 2014 03:16 PM


S01WS....paciencia en Cw

Desde Western Sáhara / vía Twitter / 29 julio 2014

Finalmente S01WS pudo trabajar en 18Mhz/Cw unos cientos de Qso. Prometen más actividad en Cw, aunque la propagación está muy pobre.
Por favor no somos expertos operadores en pile up de CW, mucha paciencia......

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: July 29, 2014 02:21 PM

C81AK, Mozambique

Arnold, WB6OJB estará activo desde Mozambique C81AK entre el 25 y el 30 de agosto 2014.

QRV de 10 a 40mts.

QSL via WB8OJB sólo directa.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: July 29, 2014 02:17 PM

SV8CS (Spiros)


144 Mhz EME qso with 4K/UT6UA from Mountain Karabakh in Azerbaijan with Dmytro 4K/UT6UA.
Thank you Dmytro and all the team for the New One and the QSL card.
73, Spiros/SV8CS

Posted at: July 29, 2014 10:31 AM

F5IRO (Freddy)

Image du jour

La passion de la radio jusqu'au tatouage, en y regardant bien on y voit un indicatif: KB2MVN

Posted at: July 29, 2014 08:34 AM

Partager son réseau WiFi avec un code QR

Partager sa connexion WiFi via un code QR, permet de faciliter l'opération lors d'un contest en équipe par exemple. lien

Posted at: July 29, 2014 08:33 AM

Juan de Nova

"Sébastien TURAY, journaliste, réalisateur et producteur de la société « Sur une île », s’est rendu à Juan de Nova à bord du voilier Antsiva afin de réaliser un reportage audiovisuel sur les programmes scientifiques menés sur l’île du 20 novembre au 20 décembre 2013. Le reportage final sera prochainement diffusé à la télévision. Un apperçu de cinq minutes est cependant disponible. source -

Posted at: July 29, 2014 08:33 AM

July 28, 2014

VE3WDM (Mike)

Some operating time in the park.

The setup in the car
It was a great day today even though they called for rain  it was just overcast and very nice cool temps in around 17C. I was off work today and after I had completed the chores around the house it was time to get out in the outdoors for some ham radio. Since there was a chance of rain I decided to not set up outside and get rained out but instead I took my car and set up the Elecraft KX3 mobile from one of our near by parks on lake Ontario. I set out on my way and checked and double check all my items (last weekend I forgot   a coax connector and the portable op's came to a fast end) I arrived at the park around 13:00 local time and began to call CQ 20m I had no takers and decided to spin the dial to see who I could find. I did come across some DX stations calling CQ but was not able to be heard and some had very long waiting lists wanting to contact them. I then came across Bernie KB4JB from Florida and we had a very nice 20 minute QSO. The CW speed was in around 14 WPM and both of us were able to share station, location and other information before conditions changed and we both faded out. The KX3
20m mobile whip 
operated just fine for over an hour and a half on the internal batteries at 5 watts output. At one point during my QSO with Bernie for some reason my KX3 key was just not sending what I wanted. As time passed in our QSO I noticed my headphone cord was under the KX3 Key and causing the troubles. Once that was dealt with the code improved minus the headphone cord! I only made one QSO for the outing but it was a long one and the speed was at a very comfortable.  The antenna was a mono band 20m whip, the power was 5 watts from the internal rechargeable batteries and the radio as was mentioned the Elecraft KX3. It was time to head home and get dinner going for Julie's home coming from work.

Posted at: July 28, 2014 11:53 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

Near miss - 11742km on 10m JT65

This evening CA3SOC (Chile) was calling CQ on 10m JT65. I called and called him - he called CQ about 14 times - but I was unable to raise him. At the start he was -16dB S/N but in the end was down to -22dB S/N. I was copied in Sweden at the same time, but that was no compensation.

Earlier in the afternoon I worked an E74 on PSK63, my first ever QSO on PSK at that speed. I am finding real-time keyboard operating in PSK modes quite "challenging".  Whenever I use the keyboard e.g to write this blog, I make lots of errors that need correcting. This is hard on PSK31 and PSK63 in real time.   JT65 and JT9-1 are a lot easier. Currently I am using Digipan software which is simple and basic for PSK modes. I am using WSJTX V1.3 r3673 for JT65 and JT9-1.

Posted at: July 28, 2014 11:38 PM


PJ7PL, Sint Maarten Is.

Philip WA1ZAM regresa a Sint Maarten, estará activo de nuevo como PJ7PL del 21 de setiembre al 15 de octubre 2014.

Participará en el CQ WW DX RTTY Contest (categoría SOLP)


73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: July 28, 2014 09:09 PM

N2QL/KP2, Vírgenes Is.

Soy un ejecutivo de atención médica contratado en las Islas Vírgenes de Estados Unidos como Oficial Jefe Ejecutivo para el hospital, Centro de Cáncer y el centro de atención primaria en St. John.  Estoy certificado por la Junta y miembro del Colegio Americano de Ejecutivos de la Salud y con un doctorado en administración de Empresas.

Por lo que a partir de ahora me escucharéis en las bandas como N2QL/KP2. Utilizaré un ICOM 7600, Ameritron ALS 1300 Amp, T / 6 Log periódica hasta 40 pies y Alpha Delta.

Qsl vía W3HNK.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: July 28, 2014 06:07 PM

YW6X, SA-090

Un equipo de operadores del club de radio Grupo DX Caracas planea estar activo desde Isletas de Puerto Piritu SA-090  como YW6X entre el 7 y el 9 de noviembre 2014.

QRV en bandas de HF. Seguiremos informando ..

QSL via DM4TI.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: July 28, 2014 05:59 PM

N0HYD (Burke)

IARU HF World Championship 2014 Results

Click to Enlarge - I am towards the bottom!
A couple weeks ago the IARU HF World Championship 2014 was held.  It started at 7:00 AM local time on Saturday morning and ended 7:00 AM local time on Sunday morning.

I have been wanting to work a big contest, and I was able to squeeze a few hours of "shack time" into my schedule on Saturday.

I hit the ground running on Saturday morning right when the contest started.  I did a bit of band hopping for the next 90 minutes.  Then I was able to get back on about 3:00 pm local for an hour, then back on again about 11:00 pm local for an hour or so.

I worked 55 stations during this limited operating time.  I worked mostly stateside stations, but I was able to pick up a couple DX contacts as well.

The only HQ station I worked was W100AW - which was a thrill.  I also worked stations in Canada, Bermuda, Europe, Jamaica and Brazil.  I also worked Hawaii several times, which I had never done before.

Here is the breakdown per band:
40 Meters: 34 Contacts
20 Meters: 5 Contacts
15 Meters: 15 Contacts (This would have been more productive if I had more time in the afternoon)
10 Meters: 1 Contact

The good news about my high noise level at the QTH is that if I can hear them, I can almost surely work them.  I think I only called 2 people that I did not end up working.

I operated "search and pounce" the entire contest.  Starting at one end of the band and working my way to the other end.  One thing I found interesting is that I would finish scanning from end to end, then start over.  On the next pass I would hear stations I didn't hear on the first past.  Very interesting!

The other thing I was happy to see is that I was not last!  I uploaded my scores to 3830scores.com and as you can see in the image above, I was not last.

I will officially submit my score to the contest, just to eventually see my call sign in print.

This was very fun!  I know I will never by a big gun contest station, but contests are a great way to improve your CW speed, operating skills, and have lots of fun!

Posted at: July 28, 2014 04:19 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

PSK Reporter maps

See https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html.

This is a really useful resource when using modes like JT9-1 and JT65. Even if you get no replies, the map gives a good idea of where your signals are reaching. As an example, I recently transmitted JT65 on 20m and worked OE5DML. As the map shows, my signals were widely received including in the USA.

Posted at: July 28, 2014 03:24 PM

AE5X (John)

Allied Radio (1929-1981) catalogs online

Add Allied Radio to the growing list of old publications finding their way online (the others are here). I find the prices for various items to be an interesting thing to ponder. A $40 console radio in 1938 cost $748 in today’s equivelant dollars. Here’s an inflation calculator to help you make similar comparisons. . .

Posted at: July 28, 2014 12:24 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

10m - JT65 QSOs first thing

Well, I've had success on 10m digital with a couple of JT65 QSOs on 10m. Managed to work CT1AYO and LY3OO on 10m JT65 early this morning.

No success this time in JT9-1 on 10m. I listened for a while - heard nothing - so put out some CQ calls in JT9-1, but sadly without success. It was a case of lack of activity. Currently I am monitoring (i.e. not TXing) on 50.276MHz JT65.

Tried 7.076MHz JT65, but the 40m band was very noisy.

Although PSK reporter maps show I've been copied outside Europe, I have still to work anyone outside Europe this summer since I started on digital 2-way modes a few days ago. It will certainly happen as JT9-1 is only about 2dB worse than WSPR.  JT65 is about 4dB worse.  So, on many stations, I should be in range, even with my compromise antenna system on 20m and 10m.

Posted at: July 28, 2014 01:01 PM

F5IRO (Freddy)

The SWLing Post

Un blog intéressant dédié aux passionnés d'écoutes, avec des articles journaliers. lien

Posted at: July 28, 2014 08:34 AM

ça marche comment Internet ? (partie 3/3)

"Troisième et dernière partie de cette Question Technique abordant sous plusieurs aspects le réseau des réseaux. Intéressons-nous cette fois-ci à des notions très importantes telles que le peering ou la neutralité du Net..." suite

Posted at: July 28, 2014 08:33 AM