October 22, 2014


Estado de las Qsl de VK9NT 2014

Allan VK2CA

Las Qsl han llegado de la imprenta, Gennady UX5UO ha hecho un gran trabajo.Comenzaremos a contestar las solicitudes de OQRS directas y las recibidas por correo y las OQRS buro. Recuerda que 2$ no son suficientes para cubrir un envió por avión desde Australia.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 22, 2014 05:39 AM

KA3DRR (Scot)

Amateur Radio To Orbit The Moon

Amateur Radio is going to orbit the moon after hitching a ride aboard a Chinese Long March 3C launch vehicle. Expected orbit insertion is 28 October and LX0OHB-4M payload is fully integrated. Vehicle launch is scheduled on 23 October.

Space exploration and Amateur Radio is a perfect marriage of everything that is best about our hobby. And, it is truly exciting to see our passion decried as a technological relic, continuing to push the boundaries of the last frontier. Best results to one and all.

73 from the shackadelic near the beach.


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K2DSL (David)

2014 JARTS RTTY Contest Summary

This past weekend was the JARTS RTTY contest which is fun as the exchange is the age of the person – 00 for YLs, 99 for Multis and the actual age for everyone else. I had very little time to operate so it was a combined total time of about 7 hours on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday night I worked a couple 10m contacts so I was hopeful the band would have activity over the weekend. On 80m I called CQ for a bit and after being spotted it was nice for a couple EU stations to call me.  I ended Friday with 82 Qs and 8,044 points.

On Saturday I operated a short time in the morning and a short time in the early afternoon and then a very short time late in the evening. I only worked just over 100 contacts on Satuday for an ending count of 187 Qs & 49,140 pts.

Sunday was the same thing with a short time in the morning, a brief early afternoon session and 30 mins at the end of the contest. It gave me a total of 317 Qs and 122,400 points which is one of my lowest JARTS totals but given the short amount of time I had to operate I can’t complain.

Both during the contest and via email after I had multiple operators thank me for spotting them when I worked them on another band. Even HZ1PS in Saudi Arabia sent me a message during our 2nd band QSO during a pileup he had going.

With the contest exchange being age, I threw out the 00′s and 99′s and multiple contacts with the same call and ended up with 230 different calls worked. The youngest age sent was  24 by 2 operators and the oldest age sent was 85 by one operator.  The average age of those 230 operators was 58.5 years. The median age (middle value of all stations worked) was 60  and the mode (most common age reported) was 52.

Even with the short time available to be on the air, I was able to log 53 DXCC entities including Israel, Turkey, Crete and Saudi Arabia on 10m.

N1MM+ score summary:

 Band    QSOs     Pts  DXCC   Areas
  3.5      23      49     3      10
    7      43      91     4      13
   14     115     295    35      13
   21      92     241    34      10
   28      44     124    24       7
Total     317     800   100      53

Score : 122,400

Here’s a map produced using ADIF2MAP (click to enlarge):



Thanks for all the contacts!

Posted at: October 22, 2014 01:23 AM

October 21, 2014

G3XBM (Roger)

472kHz ERPs

Something seems wrong to me in that the difference between reports I give and I get on 472kHz WSPR suggests either my ERP is higher than I think or the ERPs stated by some others is lower than they think.  I am pretty sure my ERP is about right give or take a few dB "experimental error".  I am able to measure antenna current, I know the actual antenna height and can calculate the effective height. If anything, I believe my ERP is over-stated as my losses are pretty high.  I suppose my reports of others may be a few dB down because of the poor-ish sensitivity of my FT817 at 472-479kHz?

UPDATE 1740z:  I have been on 472kHz WSPR for just over 1 hour now. Just the usual early evening reporters with some very decent reports from G3WCB (101km) and G8LCO (58km) amongst others.   As always, PA3ABK/2 (306km) is putting in a big signal again this evening from across the North Sea. 

UPDATE 1752z:  Just been spotted in Wales by GW0EZY (251km) at -25dB S/N.

Posted at: October 21, 2014 08:51 PM

Genesis Q5 1W QRP kit from Australia

A trawl of the internet earlier found this kit, a 1W QRP transmitter for any band from 3.5MHz to 14MHz. It is available for S19.95 (US Dollars) + S9 (US Dollars) shipped anywhere worldwide. That seems pretty good value. Also on the website are SDR transceivers.

I last showed this particular kit on my blog 5 years ago.

See http://www.genesisradio.com.au/Q5/ for more details including how to order the various kits. Details on the page include parts lists, schematics and building details.

The are some pretty good SDR transceivers on this site.

Posted at: October 21, 2014 07:01 PM

Day off amateur radio operating

As I had my U3AC course on Human Evolution in Cambridge , I have decided not to be active on amateur radio today.  I may go on 472kHz WSPR this evening. 10m WSPR, even at 500mW, is becoming quite easy of late with good DX to be had with no real effort.  Even on 472kHz my genuine 5mW ERP has spanned over 1000km already.

I am beginning to feel like I need a whole new challenge,  but I just wish I felt better inside: my remaining stroke systems are getting me down.

Posted at: October 21, 2014 06:44 PM

Tuesday Sunspots

Sunspot count has climbed further to 93 (with blackouts) and 20-30MHz propagation is forecast to be "normal".  We should expect some decent F2 propagation on 10m today. Already, well before noon, Europeans were being spotted in the USA. FR4OZ was being spotted in GM before 0900z by F2.

Posted at: October 21, 2014 03:29 PM


VK9XSP la antena de 160mts ( foto)

Gentileza de la web( click para agrandar)

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 21, 2014 01:49 PM

TX7G....10.000 Qso

TX7G Team /21 de octubre

Acercándonos a los 10.000 QSOs en poco más de 2 días de operación. Esperemos tener los problemas con los 80 metros resueltos en breve. El muy alto nivel de ruido en 10 metros nos hace ir lentos, pero más de 1.000 QSOs en Ssb actualmente en 10mts. Se puede comenzar a probar en RTTY pronto!

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 21, 2014 01:43 PM

ZX2CA, SA-024

PY2AE, PY2DS, PU2KKE, PU2XIZ y PU2KFL estrán activos desde la isla Cardoso SA-024 del 21 al 24 de noviembre 2014.

QRV de 2 a 80mts en Cw y Ssb.

Qsl vía PY2AE buro o directa.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 21, 2014 01:37 PM

VU2NAN (Nanda)

Series-tuning for a Crystal Radio

Adding series-tuning was an afterthought to improve the performance of my first crystal radio.

The loopstick (90 turns of Litz wire, close-wound on a 2" length of  ¼" ferrite rod) and variable (a 500+500 pF PVC gang condenser) were wired on a bread board and connected in series with the antenna lead-in.

With the plates of the condenser nearly fully meshed, the only local broadcast station on 612 kHz was received with a considerable increase in volume.

However, both the loopstick and variable were too big for the crystal radio enclosure.

Trials with a fixed 1000pf capacitor, in series with various small inductors, were unsuccessful.

Ultimately, a lone 200 μH moulded inductor was found to work quite well, with the short random wire antenna itself providing the capacitance.

It was easy to solder it right at the antenna socket.

This minor change gave a significant improvement in performance.

Posted at: October 21, 2014 01:00 PM


TO2A y FY/N6KT, Guayana francesa

FY1FV vía Twitter

Del 18 al 28 de octubre podemos encontrar a Rick activo desde la Guayana francesa  como FY/N6KT.

durante el CQ WW Dx Ssb Contest participara como TO2A.

Qsl vía KU9C

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 21, 2014 06:57 AM

October 20, 2014


P5/K6VVA, actualización ( 20 octubre )

ÚLTIMA ACTUALIZACIÓN / 20 octubre 2014

En pocos meses se cumplirán 9 años de mi intento de operar de P5. Ha habido muchas muchas propuestas diferentes, hechas a las autoridades de la RPDC durante los últimos 8 años. Recientemente, mi Abogado enviado a P5 ha dejado a la ONG una nueva proposición con una organización diferente, no implicado con el trabajo humanitario en la RPDC estoy persiguiendo nuevas vías alternativas para el éxito de este proyecto para poder cumplir con el objetivo humanitario y el objetivo de dar igualdad de oportunidades para todos los participantes del programa DXCC que necesitan un QSO "CW" con Corea del Norte.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 20, 2014 08:58 PM

4W/K7CO, información

Hay dos estaciones de manera que no todos los registros se cargan al mismo tiempo se paciente.
No vamos a responder a peticiones vía e-mail. No estamos monitoreando el Dx Cluster. Es posible que necesitemos hacer  QRT sin previo aviso debido a los cortes de energía. No hacer QSOs duplicados. Clublog  se carga diariamente 73. Jon y Ed

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 20, 2014 07:52 PM

VK9XSP, TOP BAND, 80 y 40mts

                                 VK9XSP Team / 20 octubre 2104

Hoy por la mañana (hora VK9X) construimos nuestra 2 elementos vertical array para 80 metros. Por la tarde vamos a construir 2el vertical para 40 metros. El sol es demasiado fuerte es casi imposible trabajar al aire libre durante el día.

Las condiciones locales son difíciles para las regiones orientales de los EE.UU.. Tenemos una montaña alta y rocosa en la dirección LP. En la práctica se pueden utilizar sólo direcciones SP.

Empezamos nuestra operación en la Top Band ayer y hemos trabajado muchos viejos y nuevos amigos. Gracias por tantos buenos informes. Sabemos que la señal  TB era bastante fuerte en la costa oeste de Estados Unidos. También trabajamos muchos amigos de Polonia y el primero fue Chris SP7GIQ (SN7Q).

Ahora nuestras antenas beverages están listas y por lo tanto seremos capaces de trabajar con mayor eficacia en las bandas bajas.

El primer lote de QSOs fue subido a ClubLog (el enlace a nuestro ClubLog está en el panel de la derecha). Por favor, ten en cuenta que NO habrá correcciones del log durante la expedición. Así que por favor no preguntes sobre este tema. No tenemos tiempo para esas cosas durante la Dxpedition. Si no estás en el log llámanos una vez más.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 20, 2014 07:03 PM

ZK3E y ZK3Q, sobre 80mts

20 octubre 2014

Información Jacek SP5EAQ: ... "Las fuertes lluvias y los vendavales nos han impedido instalar la antena de 80mts. Los 10 y 12mts tuvieron una buena apertura con CT y EA vía LP a las 18.00Z: hacia SP en esas bandas parecen estar permanentemente cerradas. Controlamos la mayor parte de las aperturas posibles . "

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 20, 2014 06:43 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

10m 500mW success

Running 500mW to my end-fed PAR tri-band antenna, I have so far been spotted by 4 stations on 10m WSPR. Best DX is UA3ARC (2436km) and 4X1RF (3529km). The band has not yet opened to the USA yet at the time of writing. Yet again I am spotting Karen RA3APW's 100mW Moscow WSPR beacon strongly (-14dB S/N) at 2443km.

UPDATE 1345z:  USA stations are now spotting my 500mW and also being spotted by PY3FF (10440km) at a decent -19dB S/N.  500mW seems quite enough to be noticed around the world on 10m WSPR even with my less than ideal antenna.

UPDATE 1610z:  Dropping power to 500mW really seems to have made very little difference to the stations spotting me. I may be less strong, but that is all. Apart from quite a few stateside spots (best DX in that direction is KD6RF (7547km), my best DX spot is from PY3FF at 1250z.

UPDATE 1630z:  These are the unique stations reporting my 500mW so far today on 10m WSPR. Quite a decent selection.
10m WSPR unique reports today with 500mW TX

Posted at: October 20, 2014 06:43 PM


El "padre" del JOTA G3BHK ...SK

Se nos ha ido un grande, Les Mitchell G3BHK, conocido como el "padre del JOTA ', falleció el Lunes, 6 de octubre 2014

Fue uno de los Scouters de radio en el Jamboree en 1957 que dio origen a la idea de un Jamboree On The Air (JOTA). El primer evento se celebró en 1958. Para muchos era conocido como el padre del JOTA.

En el año 2000, recordando el primer evento, Les escribió:
 "Yo no creía cuando redacté los planes y normas para el primer evento en 1958 que su popularidad se incrementaría y se extendería por todo el mundo"
 Aún más asombroso es el hecho de que después de todo este tiempo aún mantiene su popularidad y ahora tiene una participación de alrededor de medio millón de Scouts y Guías en más de cien países que operaron desde unas diez mil estaciones de radio aficionados. De hecho se ha convertido en el mayor evento internacional scout ".
73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 20, 2014 03:03 PM

Galería de fotos de la RSGB Convention - octubre 2014

Nigel G3TXF con un nuevo trofeo Concurso Commonwealth.

Recién llegado de Tristan da Cunha Nigel G3TXF acudió a la convención de la RSGB, como siempre que vuelve de Dxpedition o acude a algún evento, nos muestra una amplia galería de fotos con protagonistas muy conocidos .....

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 20, 2014 02:18 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

HF conditions and sunspots

Although the sunspot count is up to 86 (with blackouts), the 20-30MHz propagation forecast is only "fair".  Conditions on 10m are therefore hard to predict. With such a high sunspot count I would hope we'd see some decent F2 openings, but 10m is a fickle band and it can be hard to tell. As yet, I have not started up on 10m.

UPDATE 1012z:   Both PY3FF (10440km) and CX2ABP (11127km), plus several Europeans, coming through on 10m WSPR already.  Conditions on 10m are good!  So much for 10m propagation being just "fair".  Today I am running 500mW on 10m WSPR. So far just locals spotting me.

UPDATE 1036z:  No more South Americans seen since the earlier spots.

Posted at: October 20, 2014 12:38 PM

Over 1000km on 5mW ERP on 472kHz!

Last night, for the first time, my 5mW ERP WSPR signal broke the 1000km barrier with 2 spots of my signal from Norway by LA4ANA (1042km). He was spotted here 9 times too. Conditions must have been good. I need to recheck how many stations have received my 5mW ERP on 472kHz WSPR as I was also copied by GW0EZY (251km) at 2252z last night. Several (nearer) stations should be able to copy me too, but they need to be active!

Posted at: October 20, 2014 12:36 PM

W2LJ (Larry)

Interesting discussion

going on over at QRP-L about portable antennas.  The catalyst for the "debate" is this article.


Lot's of good input by lots of people who know what they are talking about.  And as always, for portable operations (my emphasis), it seems to boil down to efficiency vs. ease of use.

Both Steve Weber KD1JV and Ron Polytika WB3AAL, who have done a lot of operating from the Appalachian trail, point out that while classic dipoles may be the most efficient antenna to use, there are practical logistical problems associated with them.  There may not always be trees available, and even when there are trees available, there may be so many and so close together, that hoisting up a dipole may not be practical.  I have to agree with Steve that hoisting a dipole or doublet in the classic sense, in a portable situation (especially when you are by yourself) can be an experiment in frustration.

Steve is a proponent of the End Fed Half Wave, while Ron likes a version of the portable vertical that he has designed and yields quite acceptable results for him.  I have used both and personally prefer the end fed wire for the ease of deployment. Don't get me wrong. I have verticals antennas and love them. My Butternut at home and my Buddistick on top of the Jeep have both done very well for me.  But as always, the ground plane is crucial.  Close to 60 radials at home and the Jeep's metal body acting as a ground plane for the Buddistick make all the difference in the world.

The thing that surprises me though, is that when speaking of dipoles or doublets, everyone always seems to think of them in the classic flat top or Inverted Vee configuration, which of course, requires three supports. I have used doublets, such as the NorCal doublet as a sloper and as a vertical dipole with a modicum of success.  My first Flight of the Bumblebees effort used the NorCal Doublet as a sloper and I was quite pleased with the results.

What it boils down to, of course, is that you have to try different things and see what works best for you. There is no single correct answer to the question of  "What is the best portable antenna?" What will work in one situation may be totally unsuitable for another.  No archer carries only one arrow in his quiver.  Hams who are adroit in portable operations always seem to be carry more than one antenna configuration into the field with them, as long as they meet the requirements for portability and ease of use. And I think all Hams who love portable operations are on a constant quest for the "Holy Grail", an antenna that is lightweight, quick and easy to deploy, and will work as many bands as possible.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

Posted at: October 20, 2014 11:40 AM

G3XBM (Roger)

472kHz WSPR - LA4ANA copied already

LA4ANA (1042km) has already been spotted here this evening at 1812z right on the limits of copy (-31dB S/N) with his 50mW ERP.  This is a new station I believe on the band from this QTH.

33 unique WSPR spots (of others) in last 2 weeks on 472kHz WSPR
I am still hopeful of some new reporters of my 5mW ERP overnight.

UPDATE Oct 20th 2014 0908z: LA4ANA was spotted here 9 times last night. A couple of new reporters of my pipsqueak 472kHz signal too. A good night on MF for me.

Posted at: October 20, 2014 11:13 AM

October 19, 2014

KA3DRR (Scot)

AMSAT-NA Seeks NextGen Satellite Ideas And Suggestions

Read about this announcement at the ARRL website about five minutes ago and this is a win-win scenario for everyone. Imagine for a moment as an aspiring engineer in want of real world, resume material or as a highschool student in want of difference maker experience for your university application? Your idea in collaboration with AMSAT-NA resources and mentorship may launch in the future. This is the right stuff because it provides real world experience beyond that of the classroom or university test bench.

This is the stuff prospective employers are looking for in a highly competitive marketplace.

Learn about the process. Gain experience navigating ITAR regulations. Network with other engineers. Build your future because AMSAT-NA needs your idea.

73 from shackadelic near the beach.


Posted at: October 19, 2014 11:57 PM


VK9XSP, información

VK9XSP Team / 19 octubre 2014

Desde hoy por la mañana estamos trabajando muy duro con la instalación de las antenas y las posiciones de operación. El sol brillaba muy fuerte y nos hizo estar muy cansados al final del día.

Tenemos una spiderbeam, VDA de 17m / 12m,  GP7 mutiband vertical (40 – 10 m) y vertical para 160m. La antena para la Top Band se encuentra justo en el océano y esperamos que funcione muy bien.

Cuatro estaciones están listas y en funcionamiento. Mañana vamos a construir las verticales de 80m y 40m.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 19, 2014 11:24 PM

KA3DRR (Scot)

My 10,000 Hour RadioSport Challenge | 9,181 - 22 = 9,159 To Go

2014 California QSO Party Mixed Mode
Summer In Winter
Good afternoon from inside shackadelic where I'm looking at a perfect blue sky, a still Pacific ocean, and a temperature approaching the mid-seventies. We went through a record breaking weather weekend during the California QSO Party when temperatures soared into the 90s and low hundreds along the Central Coast.

And, the weather matched high frequency wavelength conditions, as the California QSO Party went epic at the tail of Cycle Twenty Four.

Robust Activity
The weekend felt like all cylinders fired for every 6-land participant including enthusiasts outside of the state. I was thrilled as operators logged our signal out of the Five Cities on more than one wavelength and one mode. Literally, it felt like a contest within a contest, when logging stations beyond a single band or single mode.

This year was starkly different from others when the rate revved up and hovered a fraction above red line. Our weather was ideal for butt in the chair time and it seemed like all of North America including Europe participated in the game. Solar weather cooperated that is with beams pointed at 75 degrees, I logged loud European stations, on 15 and 20 meters between two modes. Fun!

Many thanks for those DX contacts in the log.

Also, event atmosphere was relaxed much like an extended Sunday drive through the country, I appreciated good manners and goodwill. Certainly, the California QSO Party is an extension of the California persona, and, we're laid back in the Golden State. It's a characteristic that I appreciate.

Connected Strategy
Both 15 and 20m wavelengths produced sufficient action with contact count exceeding 100 plus across two modes. I was stoked because our 100 watts as measured at the transceiver held bandwidth beaming both south or east. It's easy for low power signals to drop back in the pack while amplifier driven signals subsume critical bandwidth.

My strategy, because I connected to the reverse beacon network, was a game at the margins of activity. The bandmap helped identify station clustering across kilohertz of bandwidth. Why compete with the pack comprised mostly of amplifier driven stations? Instead, I opted several kilohertz above, and then made my general RadioSport contesting call.

Likewise, N1MM Contest Logger multiplier window pumped critical information, as I readily identified shifting activity between wavelengths and modes. Perhaps, graphical analysis of spotting activity may be applied much like watching one's oil pressure or rotation per minute gauge? Or, even implementing lines transposed on the gray line map, and measure activity much like ViewProp or SpotCollector?

Breath In The Air
My most exciting moment arrived 30 minutes before the finish line and I needed 1,011 contacts to punch through the 1k barrier. It was a pressured ten minutes while my mentor periodically checked the contact counter. We wanted one thousand plus! I alternated modes on 20m and shifted into continuous wave mode with five minutes remaining. Only, three contacts between a score or a score of 1k or better, is this possible?

Two European stations called while beaming 75 degrees shortly after making my general RadioSport contesting call! Yes, indeed. One contact remained. And, with one minute on the clock, a 6-land station went into the log on 20 meters nonetheless.

I finally took a breath after the best ten minutes experienced thus far in my RadioSport contesting career.

Overall, few words can describe the California QSO Party this year other than, "Epic fun!"

73s from the shackadelic near the beach.

See Also.
My 10,000 Hour RadioSport Challenge | 9,185 - 4 = 9,181 To Go
My 10,000 Hour RadioSport Challenge | 9,189 - 4 = 9,185 To Go

Posted at: October 19, 2014 08:45 PM

Mendo Radio (Mendocino, N. Calif)

WARS “Digital” Seminar

The WARS seminar, Oct. 18, 2014,  was very successful with a room full of enthusiasts coming out to hear all about digital radio history, modes and how to use them in this day and age where cell phones seem to have taken the place of radio. Tim WB9NJS, explained just what is digital, as well […]

Posted at: October 19, 2014 07:06 PM

VE3WDM (Mike)

Nice to get back in the radio chair agian.

Nice to get back on the air again
Just this morning I was looking over my last blog post and could not believe it was posted 3 weeks ago! I will say that things here at VE3WDM have been busy and it has not been with radio time. We had our Thanksgiving holiday last weekend and that weekend was packed with family things, shopping and making a turkey dinner. This year for the first time I tried cooking the turkey on the BBQ using the rotisserie, seems it turns out much better when the bird is done old style in the oven........live and learn. The other sliver of my time was taken up with work and once you factor in sleeping and eating not much time was left for radio. Last evening I pulled a 12 hour evening shift at work and arrived home this morning not feeling to bad so Julie and went out for a nice breakfast and then home to some well deserved radio time. The rig was tuned to 17m and I heard GI4DOH calling
loud and clear  from Northern Ireland. I gave him some calls but was not heard but I did hang in there and finally my 5 watts made it to him. It was nice to get back on the radio as I find this to be a very relaxing time. I then jumped off 17m and over to 20m but there was a huge contest presence there (not that there is anything wrong with that I am a huge contest fan) so it was back up to 17m again. It seemed that for this afternoon Richard was going to be my only contact but it sure was nice to get back on the air again!

Posted at: October 19, 2014 06:57 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

10m WSPR in good shape again

Although I have remained on MF all day, I have been checking WSPRnet to see how 10m WSPR has been shaping up. Well it appears, with USA stations exchanging spots with Europeans and LU8WAG exchanging spots over 13000km. Good F2 propagation on 10m again today.

Posted at: October 19, 2014 07:44 PM

W8MRC (Milford Amateur Radio Club)

MARC Contesters – CQ WW DX Contest

The next contest on the MARC contest calendar is the CQ WW DX Contest that starts Friday, Oct 24, 2014 at 8:00 PM local time and runs for 48 hours.

If you can only operate a few hours consider entering using the Classic overlay category. Operation is limited to 24 hours.

If your a new ham you may qualify for the Rookie overlay category.

Don’t worry about how much time you can operate, most MARC contesters are casual operators and only spend a few hours operating during most contests. The club goal is to maximize club participation. Make one contact, send in a log and your a participant.

If you’d like to add your score to the MARC score in the Club Competition, include the following line in your Cabrillo log entry: CLUB: Milford Ohio Amateur Radio Club

I don’t need to register teams for this contest so if you decide, at the last minute, to make a few contacts that’s not a problem, you can still support the clubs efforts.

Check the rules at: www.cqww.com They have changed since last year.

Section XII Judging, Section A Unsportsmanlike Conduct, addresses one of my pet peeves, run stations that don’t ID. Those using a spotting network may have his call, but those running unassisted need him to ID.

Bill WS6K
MARC Contest Coordinator

The post MARC Contesters – CQ WW DX Contest appeared first on Milford Amateur Radio Club.

Posted at: October 19, 2014 06:38 PM