August 22, 2014

F5IRO (Freddy)

Windows 9 : une préversion serait prévue pour le mois de septembre

"Microsoft se presse pour en finir avec la débâcle Windows 8. Et pourrait bien lancer une preview de Windows 9, alias Threshold, dès le mois prochain, histoire de rassurer développeurs et power users. Voilà en tout cas ce que révèle Mary-Jo Foley de, qui cite de nombreuses sources qui restent bien entendu dans l’ombre. Cette version, qui sera baptisée « technology preview » devrait

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Bulletin DX WORLD

Le bulletin DX de la semaine par DX WORLD. lien

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Le dernier numéro de Radiorama, téléchargeable. lien

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August 21, 2014

G3XBM (Roger)

Back on 472kHz again

Since about 1930z I have been on 472kHz WSPR using the strapped feeders to my V2000 VHF/UHF vertical and 2m halo. So far just the usual suspects spotted and spotting me i.e. no-one new.

It is likely that in the next week my amateur radio operation will be compromised as we'll have grandchidren here and their parents. For some of the time my shack will be a bedroom. I shall try to run 472kHz WSPR until Tuesday if I can. 10m by day and MF evenings and overnight.
472kHz unique WSPR spots in the last hour.

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ZS/EA1EBK... los periplos de mi amigo Carlos por Sudáfrica

Foto2-  De izq. a dcha ZS1RX, EA1EBK y ZS1YT

Mientras preparo algo de información para mañana y escucho a 5E7R en 20mts recibo este interesante correo de mi amigo Carlos EA1EBK, que ahora mismo, hasta setiembre está en Sudáfrica, y que coincidiendo con el Fin de Semana Internacional de Faros, se encontró sin quererlo, con esta agradable sorpresa:

Me quedan pocas semanas aquí en Sudáfrica y por ello, este último fin de semana me fui a Ciudad del Cabo (Cape Towm). Como aparte de la radio, mi otra gran pasión y en la que además trabajé, es la mar, no podía estar aquí sin ir hasta el punto más al sur de Africa.

Después de 800 Km en autobús y 11 h de viaje, llegue a Cape towm, donde tenia alquilado un coche para 2 días.

El Sabado 16/08, después de unos 250 Km, llegue hasta el punto más al sur de Africa, que no es el Cabo de Buena Esperanza como siempre habíamos pensado, sino el Cabo L’Agulhas, donde llegue sobre las 15:30 h. Al Llegar y estacionar el coche, me lleve una muy grata sorpresa al ver que se estaba preparando una operación de radio para el Fin de Semana Internacional de Faros (lo cual desconocía por falta de info).

Pues como te decía, en un anexo al Faro de L’Agulhas, estaban poniendo a punto la estación de radio el Boulder Amateur radio Klub,  (con K) para salir ese fin de semana al que te refieres con la referencia ZA 0011, estuve un buen rato con ellos antes de regresar a Ciudad del Cabo.

 ZS1RX Johan, y ZS1YT Rassie (Presidente de los Estados de Africa Radio Liga del Sur montando antenas y ZR1FQ Fabian sintonizando y poniendo a punto los equipos.

 La verdad que fue toda una sorpresa al verlos allí, ya que no contaba con el evento, yo sólo iba a visitar el Faro, porque como aficionado a la náutica, no podía dejar pasar esta oportunidad de estar aquí y no estar en este punto, el Sur del continente africano.

Foto1- Entrada al recinto del faro
Foto 3- Con ZR1FQ Fabian ( al fondo)

  • Foto 1, a la entrada al recinto del Faro
  • Foto 2, con ZS1RX Johan y ZS1YT Rassie a la entrada al Faro de 1848.
  • Foto 3 con ZR1FQ Fabian preparando el TS 450S , la informática y demás….

GRACIAS Carlos.........

73´s, Luis EA1CS

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EA2/ON7RU, Faro de Higuer

Franky ON7RU /Twitter

Este sábado por la tarde, me encontraréis activo desde el Faro de Higuer como EA2/ON7RU. El Faro tiene referencia LH SPA-029.

QRV de 15 a 80mts en Cw y Ssb.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

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90°compleanno della Radio italiana

Novanta anni di radio in italia dalla URI, l’Eiar , la RAI e le private. Breve storia dagli albori ai giorni nostri a cura di Emilio Lo Tito (IW2NUD) del gruppo ARCAL radioamatori RAI Milano IQ2RD. Buon ascolto.

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W2LJ (Larry)

PRELIMINARY 2014 NJQRP Skeeter Hunt Results

Here are a couple links to the PRELIMINARY 2014 NJQRP Skeeter Hunt results:



I state again - these are preliminary results!  The deadline for submitting summaries is this coming Saturday evening at Midnight, as we roll into Sunday EDT.

I am hoping that by publishing these preliminary results, more participants will send in their log summaries, sending all the results askew and making more work for me - seriously!  The more log summaries, the better! It would be wonderful if everyone who participated, sent in a log summary. I know that's a long shot, but hey, I can hope - can't I?

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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G3XBM (Roger)

10m - closed now?

It is now 1857z and there has been no Es here now for over an hour. In the periods I was monitoring 10m, no F2 propagation was spotted. No GDX seen either in the last few hours.

I will QSY to 472kHz shortly I think.

I was thinking of buying a dedicated 10m rig, but unless my voice rapidly improves  (SSB, FM and AM are hard work for me because of my stroke) this is probably a waste of money. For now I shall stick with 2-5W on digital modes, which I can manage with the FT817 rig. JT65 and JT9-1 are my best bets. PSK31 is quite hard as it requires (near) real-time keyboard skills. I rather dislike PSK31 with macros -  you can usually tell when someone is using macros - I much prefer real QSOs. At least JT65 and JT9-1 use very formulaic formats for minimal data QSOs. QSOs are very very basic, but for me this helps at the moment. One reason I enjoy WSPR is it tells you about conditions on a given band and once set up, it just runs with minimal intervention. Some will (rightly) say it is computers talking to computers. At the moment, this is close to what I need. JT65 and JT9-1 are proper 2-way modes.

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AA7EE (Dave)

The Sproutie – A General Coverage Regen Receiver with Plug-In Coils

I’ve mentioned before in posts how one of my first shortwave receivers as a teenager growing up in England (in fact, possibly the first) was a one tube battery-operated regen built from a kit. Many of the popular electronics magazines at the time, including my favorite, Practical Wireless, carried advertisements from a company called H.A.C. […]

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G3XBM (Roger)

New band tried with "compromise" antenna.

This afternoon I tried 80m WSPR with the "compromise" antenna (V2000  + 2m halo with strapped feeders) with some success. On 80m I copied M0BLP and PA0WMR although there were very few stations active. I was not copied by anyone. I was going to try 160m but decided there was too little activity.

Later I used 40m and 20m with the Par end-fed.  On 40m, just one transmission resulted in 10 spots in 7 countries. The next transmission resulted in not a single report, probably because I was sitting on the frequency of a very strong station who was TXing at the time?

I later returned to 10m, and spotted EA5CYA (1376km) and LZ1OI (2145km) by Es around teatime. The Spanish station was pretty strong but the LZ was much weaker.

Posted at: August 21, 2014 07:58 PM

EA5OL (Paco)

Old times

Estos días de vacaciones estoy de limpieza/organización de cajones y shack, y me han aparecido algunas QSL's/recuerdos de los viejos tiempos
Aquí va una muestra, creo que esta foto es de agosto de 1992, hace nada mas que 22 años, yo un pipiolo.

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EA3AKY (Josep)

Nice surprise today...

When today I arrived home I had a nice surprise, my 2012 cq ww dx cw plaque had arrived ! I'm very happy to have got both plaques for 2012 WPX and WW cw contest for Europe 28 MHz non assisted. Thanks to CQ and donors and cu in next WW CW 2014.

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G4VXE (Tim)

Practical Wireless SOTA VHF weekend 23-25 August 2014

Just a quick reminder that next weekend is the August Bank Holiday weekend and Practical Wireless are encouraging VHF/UHF operators to operate from Summits on the Air on the VHF bands. It's not a contest, more an excuse to get out and enjoy some portable radio in some great scenery!

Richard G3CWI at SOTABeams has very kindly sponsored some prizes.

I'm planning to be out during the weekend on one or more of our local summits (there aren't many in Oxfordshire!) and will be listening out for other SOTA activity.

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TY1TT, Benim

Wim ON6DX, estuvo activo como TY1TT en enero de este año 2014. A mediados de octubre tenía pensado hacer su segunda visita a Benim y operar desde allí, pero debido al virus del Ébola no es seguro que visite el país africano todavía........ seguiremos informando

73´s, Luis EA1CS

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EA3AKY (Josep)

T30D - DXpedition Western Kiribati 2014

DL group behind ZK2C in 2012 and 5W0M in 2013 announced his next dxpedition, now as T30D from Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati. They will be at Tarawa Atoll, IOTA OC017, QTH-Locator RJ61NI from October 2nd to October 15th 2014 (UTC). Plans are to be QRV from 160 to 6 m in CW, SSB and RTTY with four simultaneous stations around the clock. On 6 meters they will have 400 w and a 4 element yagi. More info at

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Z21EME QRV 6 METERS 1-8/November

PA3CMC, ZS6JON, PA2CHR, ZS6NK will be active from Zimbabwe 1-8 November 2014 as Z21CMC, Z21EME, Z21CHR, Z21NK. They will be active on 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm. Group members: PA3CMC, ZS6JON,PA2CHR and ZS6NK. Locator KH58gh.


2m 2 x 10el X-pole DK7ZB
6m 11 el m2
70cm 1 x 38el. m2
23cm 67 el.

Posted at: August 21, 2014 04:44 PM

W2LJ (Larry)

Oh, how I hope they're wrong!

For my USA readers, I don't know how many of you put stock into the Farmer's Almanac, but here's a link to an Associated Press article about their "long-term" USA weather forecast for the end of 2014 and for 2015.

I've never heard the term "refriger-nation" bandied about before. I know it's kind of a fluff piece, but I sure hope they are wrong!  And you may well be wondering - "How does this relate to Amateur Radio, Larry?"

My answer:

I don't think any of us want to see this kind of occurrence taking place, as simple wires and verticals can be affected just as adversely.  I know there's that old adage, "If your antenna made it through the Winter, then it's too small." But really, who wants to deal with antenna problems in single digit temperatures or in ice and snow?  I know some guys who actually relish it.  I, for one, don't.

UPDATE:  I sure hope this gentleman never runs into ice storms! (Tip o' the hat to W3BBO for the link.)

Imagine hooking up your QRP radio to THAT baby!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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AE5X (John)

Godzilla? A full size, 3-element Yagi on 160m

7J4AAL in Japan is now sporting the largest Yagi currently in use on 160 meters – a full-size, 3-element monster atop a rotating 200-ft (60m) tower. The previous Largest 160m Yagi was at OH8X but a winter storm put the tower and antennas on the ground in December 2013. The same tower also supported an…

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RI0X, AS-064 ha partido rumbo Ossora

RI0X Team / 21 agosto 2014


Después de 2 días en el puerto de Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, acabamos de partir hacia Ossora, cerca Karaginsky. Durante 2 días vamos a estar en el aire desde el barco con nuestros indicativos/MM.

Nuestra salida se retrasa hasta mañana por la mañana hora local. Seguimos en el aire con nuestros indicativos / 0. Después de salir de Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky vamos a utilizar los indicativos / mm.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: August 21, 2014 03:45 PM

IQ2IR (Insubria Radio Team)

Il Villaggio della Gioia inizia a essere una realtà!

There are no translations available.

foto 3Dopo esserci salutati in quel di Buguggiate, pochi giorni  prima della loro partenza per l'Uganda, Marta e Giorgio si tengono costantemente in contatto con noi a mezzo WhatsApp, aggiornandoci sull'evolversi del loro immenso lavoro per poter realizzare quanto prima il Villaggio della Gioia, che ospiterà i bimbi disabili, un oratorio e la nuova Missione francescana (casa e convento).

Nell'attesa di stanno impegnando per poter iniziare ad integrare i bimbi disabili nella scuola ed asilo locali e per la realizzazione di questo progetto hanno già preso contatti e ci sono buone possibilità che si possa attuare.

Marta e Giorgio, che sono stati battezzati dali locali Ciakunini e Marita,  si sono fatti promotori con il parroco per un oratorio estivo per gli adolescenti di Rushooka per tenerli lontano dall'alcool, prima piaga sociale dei giovani  di questa terra, offrendo loro una valida alternativa a questa dipendenza, con giochi, tornei, passeggiate e proiettando film, 

foto 2Hanno assunto due ragazze disoccupate, Judith e Mauricia, che si occupano per creare collanine e braccialetti che poi verranno portate in Italia da Marta e Giorgio per la vendita, altro mezzo per raccogliere fondi per il Villaggio della Gioia. Già nel mese di luglio sono stati venduti i primi esemplari ricavando 200 Euro.

Pubblichiamo le foto che ci hanno inviato i nostri Amici che rappresentano il progetto del Villaggio della Gioia e siamo felici di constatare, che dopo l'acquisto del terreno nel 2013 per 14.000 Euro, ora il desiderio di Martta e Giorgioè una realtà almeno sulla carta.

Per chi volesse rimanere aggiornato dei lavori di Marta e Giorgio,  può seguire nel sito di EWE MAMA il DIARIO DALL'UGANDA che viene aggiornato due volte al mese.

Si stanno impegnando anche a divulgare il progetto di Insubria Radio Una radio per EWE MAMA e come dalla testimonianza audio che abbiamo pubblicato, potrebbe diventare con il tempo una grande realtà tra le missioni dell'Uganda.

Vi invitiamo quindi ad ascoltare il contributo audio di Giorgio, che non può che spronarci a realizzare qualcosa di importante!

73' Emanuela IZ2ELV & Fulvio IZ2EXA

Posted at: August 21, 2014 02:32 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

Sunspots and 10m

Current sunspot count is 89 with 20-30MHz propagation "normal". There may be some 10m F2 around on 10m today.  Just QSYing to 10m WSPR now.

Although there will still be 10m Es propagation, I doubt it will be as good as in May, June and July.

UPDATE 1130z:  Already 10m has been open by Es WSPR to CT1JTQ (1843km) and SI9AM (1503km) as well as GDX to G4HZW (209km). Not a bad start and it is not even lunchtime yet.

Posted at: August 21, 2014 02:21 PM

IQ2IR (Insubria Radio Team)

Messaggio dall'Uganda da EWE Mama

There are no translations available.

Martedì 19 agosto ho ricevuto una bellissima sopresa via WhatsApp: un graditissimo messaggio audio da parte Giorgio di EWE MAMA inviato dall'Uganda!!!!

Dalla sua voce gioiosa è intuibile dalle prime parole tutto l'entusiasmo e la gioia di veder crescere a poco a poco il loro progetto del Villaggio della Gioia per i bimbi disabili.

Spero che tutti i nostri Soci ed Amici apprezzeranno questo contributo ed i calorosi saluti da Marta e Giorgio!

Forza ragazzi: l'Insubria Radio Club sarà sempre al Vostro fianco che darvi il nostro piccolo aiuto!

73' Emanuela IZ2ELV




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Vídeo del desembarco en Mellish Reef, VK9MT

Así fue la llegada a Mellish Reef y la configuración del campamento, estaciones y alguna antena....... ( TNX VK9MT Web).

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: August 21, 2014 01:04 PM

Atentos ..S01WS en 60mts

SAhara Dx Team / 21 agosto  10.00z

Medhi S01WS realizó su primer Qso en 60mts/Cw como estaba previsto el 19 de agosto. EA8AK fue el primer radioaficionado que comunicó con Western Sahara en 5Mhz/Cw.
Ayer Medhi tuvo muy buenas señales de USA entre las 03.00 y las 04.00z, con dipolo y 100wtts, sólo operó en Cw.

Sahara Dx Team / Twitter 18 agosto 17.26z

El día 19 de agosto 2014, de 03.00 a 04.00z, S01WS estará QRV en 5.405 Khz, con dipolo bazooka CUCO y 100wtts.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: August 21, 2014 01:02 PM

AE5X (John)

New QRP rig from LNR

LNR (who now sells PAR antennas) has a new QRP rig on the way even as they work toward the re-release of their 4-band FX-4. The upcoming LD-5 will cover all 5 bands from 15 to 40 meters. Elecraft seems to have started something with the form factor of the KX1. Since then a number…

Posted at: August 21, 2014 11:26 AM

G3XBM (Roger)

472kHz WSPR - overnight again

At the moment I am still on 472kHz WSPR having kept the WSPR running through the night. Same stations in the logs - no new reporters sadly - and again GM4SLV (896km) is still giving me daylight spots. Currently I am using the V2000 VHF/UHF vertical and 2m halo both with strapped feeders as my "compromise" 472kHz antenna. Ground is mains earth plus one shortish radial with single ground stake. I may give this antenna a try on 160m and 80m, just for fun.

These are the results in the last hour on 472kHz:
Recent 472kHz WSPR spots
Later I shall QSY to 10m as daytime 472kHz activity is very low.

Posted at: August 21, 2014 11:17 AM

IZ1CRR (Maury)

Developing a HF transceiver around an Arduino

From the YO9IRF blog: "As you probably know, the Arduino platform is a very useful toy for development of electronic gizmos, and after I saw the Myriad RF project I started thinking how a small portable HF transceiver could be developed around the versatility the Arduino provides. The idea is to keep in line with the Arduino philosophy and level of knowledge, so the end product should be fairly simple and affordable, but still offering alot of fun.

 These are my targets:
- 8-band SSB transceiver (LSB: 80m/40m, USB: 20m/17m/15m/12m/11m/10m)
- weight: 500 grams
- output: 10W
- sensitivity: 0.5uV
- consumption: 400mA@13.8V standby / 2.5A@13.8V TX
- display: mode, frequency, step, supply voltage, S-meter, SWR
- encoder VFO with 2 selectable steps
- bandswitch button"

Posted at: August 21, 2014 11:15 AM

W2LJ (Larry)

Kit builder link alert!

Thanks and kudos to Jim W4QO (QRP HOFer, I might add!) for posting this link to the NoGA QRP e-mail reflector yesterday.  I never saw these kits, or this provider before, but they look neat and affordable.

Of course, W2LJ is not connected with the above provider, in any way. Just attempting to do my bit to keep kit building healthy and vibrant! Who knows? One of them just might fulfill a need, or strike your fancy.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

Posted at: August 21, 2014 10:48 AM