October 01, 2014


La Qsl y video de YW5D,SA-044

Gentileza del Grupo DX Caracas

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: October 01, 2014 05:54 AM

G3XBM (Roger)

472kHz activity

This evening, I am sticking on 10m in the hope of the band reopening for real DX or opening very early tomorrow morning.

By now, I usually QSY down to 472kHz, where there is a lot of activity this evening with 49 stations listed on WSPRnet a few minutes ago.

UPDATE 2230z: Late change of plan. I have QSYed to 472kHz WSPR after all.

Posted at: October 01, 2014 12:38 AM

September 30, 2014

G3XBM (Roger)

10m WSPR - is that it?

The last USA station was K4RCG (5995km) at 1932z. Unless the band opens again, I suspect that the worldwide openings may have ended for the day. With Australia, Reunion, Uruguay, Israel, the USA and great swathes of Europe in the log, it has been a good day on 10m WSPR.

Posted at: September 30, 2014 10:48 PM

G4VXE (Tim)

Noble Radio NR4SC update: strong signals

I had a few minutes to play in the RSGB 70MHz activity contest this evening. Although I was still only using the vertical antenna which is not ideal for such activity it proved a useful session.

Neil G4BRK my nearest 70MHz neighbour was on and going well. His signal was well over S9 and it is a compliment to his signal and to the NR4SC's receiver than he was gone within about 4khz either side, which I was quite happy with. M1PRO, a little further off were also rattling the s-meter and easy to lose a few khz either side.

Most distant signal heard was from Keith G4ODA in IO92/Spalding.

A 70MHz HB9CV antenna arrived today, so I'll put that together at the weekend and see what can be done.

Posted at: September 30, 2014 10:30 PM

G3XBM (Roger)


Just took a look at http://wsprnet.org/drupal/wsprnet/spots for FR1GZ spots both given and received. It is amazing that he has so many real DX reports in the log. I guess this is partly because Reunion Is is very remote. Already he has been spotted here 14 times and he has spotted me 3 times so far today.  Many of his reports are greater than 16000km .

Posted at: September 30, 2014 10:02 PM

F8BON (Patrice)

Concours : votre avis intéresse la commission concours du REF !

Depuis quelques années plusieurs questions et suggestions sont régulièrement posées sur les évolutions des règlements et du championnat de France en particulier. La commission a donc décidé lors de sa dernière réunion de demander leur avis aux premiers concernés: les contesteurs français… voir la suite et  pour participer la commission des concours du REF

Posted at: September 30, 2014 07:23 PM

F5IRO (Freddy)

Convention du CDXC

La 36 ème convention du Clipperton DX Club vient de se terminer à Issoire au 28° régiment de transmissions, où un peu moins de 110 membres de l'association ont fait le déplacement de la France entière ainsi que de Belgique, Suisse, Grèce et Martinique. Le soleil était au rendez-vous, malgré une météo capricieuse annoncée. Avec F5RQQ l'accueil a commencé dès vendredi après-midi... la majorité

Posted at: September 30, 2014 07:48 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

RSGB president request

Today I was asked if I could provide a photo of my 8.97kHz TX so the RSGB president could use it at a convention in Northern Ireland. I was happy to oblige.

If anyone else needs to use photos from my website at www.g3xbm.co.uk or this blog I am usually happy to say "yes" but it is polite to ask first.

Posted at: September 30, 2014 07:45 PM

"Poor" 20-30MHz conditions?

Sunspot count has fallen to 160 today and 20-30MHz conditions are supposed to be "poor" yet on 10m VK3KCX (16883km) has been spotted 6 times on 10m WSPR today, spots have been exchanged with FR1GZ (9724km) multiple times, CX2ABP (11127km) has spotted my 2W WSPR more than once and 4X1RF (3519m) has been spotting me multiple times and 10m is wide open to the USA! 10m really is a truly fascinating band.

There is no shortage of Europeans on 10m WSPR either. Not sure if they are being copied by F2 backscatter or Es.

Posted at: September 30, 2014 06:22 PM


5R8M....todo está listo

Gentileza de 5R8M web

Equipo, equipos, licencias, etc, ... todo está listo para esta nueva aventura.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 30, 2014 05:10 PM

JD1BOX, Ogasawara Is.

Freddy F4HEC estará activo desde Ogasawara como JD1BOX del 4 al 12 de diciembre 2014.

QRV de 6 a 80mts( por petición de estaciones VK) sólo en Ssb, Freddy me comenta:

Lamentablemente no puedo trabajar en Cw, sólo operaré Ssb. Probablemente sea el primer europeo que obtiene un indicativo JD1, estoy muy impaciente por comenzar a trabajar los pile up.....
(TNX Freddy)

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 30, 2014 04:55 PM

C21GC... en el aire

28 de septiembre 2014

Estoy en el aire desde Nauru! No dudes en ponerte en contacto conmigo.  Si estoy en QSO con otra persona, por favor paciencia! 
Nos vemos en el aire!

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 30, 2014 02:20 PM


90°compleanno della Radio italiana

Novanta anni di radio in italia dalla URI, l’Eiar , la RAI e le private. Breve storia dagli albori ai giorni nostri a cura di Emilio Lo Tito (IW2NUD) del gruppo ARCAL radioamatori RAI Milano IQ2RD. Buon ascolto.

Posted at: September 30, 2014 12:26 PM

F5IRO (Freddy)

Ham Radio Now

Deux nouveaux épisodes d'Ham Radio Now...

Posted at: September 30, 2014 10:33 AM

QSP magazine

Le nouveau numéro de QSP magazine de nos amis Belges, au sommaire de ce numéro : - COMPRESSEURS et CLIPPERS : Les compresseurs BF - Description de la majorité des systèmes de compression utilisés par les OM - ANTENNE CADRE POUR RECEPTION DECAMETRIQUE   Une étude de très haut niveau pour une antenne cadre au top des performances - CB LEVELER : Réalisation d'un compresseur - Un très vieux schéma

Posted at: September 30, 2014 10:24 AM


S01WS, información

Medhi S01WS /30 setiembre 2014

Tengo más de 5000 Qso en Cw en el log y más de 100 países trabajados con un simple dipolo y 100wtts.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 30, 2014 09:14 AM

September 29, 2014

G3XBM (Roger)

10m WSPR - recent results

Good conditions continue on 10m with WSPR. These are recent results around teatime. There are plenty of USA spots both ways. Currently I use 2W ERP and a Par 3-band end-fed antenna. In recent days 10m has been open to the USA every day.
Recent 10m WSPR results at teatime today.
UPDATE 2000z:  Maybe  this is like last night and the USA have only disappeared for now to return later, but in the last hour G0LRD (25km), G0VQH (15km) and M0MJH (5km) are the only stations spotting me. It is as if "the big DX switch" has been turned off.

UPDATE 2140z:  Still no further DX this evening.I have just noted that 20-30MHz conditions are now described as "poor". Again, I'll leave WSPR running overnight to see what happens WRT Europeans in the early (before breakfast) hours.

Posted at: September 29, 2014 11:43 PM

VLF receivers

To detect VLF amateur signals it is pretty essential to use a good receiver (with frequency locking so extremely narrow bandwidths can be received for hours or days on end) and Spectrum Laboratory software. Spectrum Lab has options to lock to one of the powerful MSK signals near 20kHz and this transforms stability.

For reception of natural VLF emissions it is somewhat different as signals tend to be stronger and of much shorter duration. There are several VLF natural receivers on the net. See http://www.vlf.it/romero2/explorer-e202.html for a typical example.

Posted at: September 29, 2014 10:40 PM

G4VXE (Tim)

Back to basics with the IC740

For the last few weeks, the IC-740 which was sitting quietly under the bench had been niggling at me. I had no HF rig on the operating bench, other than the FT-847 which gets used on VHF mostly. I'd taken the FT1000MP off the bench a while ago and didn't feel that excited about using it. In fact, I'd thought about selling it - though haven't really thought that through yet.

But the IC-740. There was an appeal to getting it out and going again. It was my HF rig when I first got on the air back in 1983. I knew it worked ok as I'd had a handful of contacts on it a few months back. Chasing DX, no, that wasn't really wanted to do. Perhaps some CW - just run of the mill stuff - there have been times when I've found working around the UK on 7MHz CW good fun. Maybe something like that?

Finding a few minutes this afternoon, I hooked it up - plugged an aerial and a paddle in. It puts out the 85W or so that it always did. Tuned around 28MHz and quickly made a few QSOs across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America (not great conditions, but good). I listened to my old pal G3TXF doling out the QSOs as ZD9XF. Although it would be lovely to work Nigel, I don't really feel the need to play pileups.

So maybe you'll even hear me and the old IC740 (31 years old) around 7030 playing low power. Who knows! It's nice to be reunited with my old friend!

Posted at: September 29, 2014 09:16 PM


YB4IR/8 y YB8RW/P, OC-076

TNX Dx World

Iman YB4IR / vía Twitter 20 setiembre 2014

YB4IR/8 and YB8RW/p estaremos QRV desde Sula island OC-076 del 5 al 9 de octubre 2014.
QRV de 40M-10M, en Cw, Ssb y Rtty. 
QSL vía a nuestros ondicativos

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 29, 2014 06:57 PM

VY0/VE3VID, NA-174

David VE3VID / 15 setiembre 2014

Problemas con el ordenador este verano, han retrasado algunas peticiones de Qsl que me llegaron a partir de abril. Todo eso ha sido resuelto, puedo informar ahora que todas las Qsl recibidas tanto directas como por el buro, han sido contestadas.

VY0/VE3VID volverá a estar activa desde la isla Igloolik. Espero poder tener operativa la estación la 2ª semana de octubre 2014. Los modos preferidos serán Rtty y Ssb. Si mis obligaciones con el trabajo no me lo impiden espero poder participar en el NA Rtty sprin contest, Scandinavian Ssb contest, JARTS, CQ WW y WAE Rtty.

Todo lo mejor, y espero confirmar NA-174 a la mayor cantidad posible de seguidores IOTA. ( David)

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 29, 2014 06:52 PM

9I50JO, Zambia

Con motivo del 50 aniversario de la Independencia de Zambia, Brian 9J2BO estará activo como 9I50JO del 15 al 30 de octubre 2014. Sabéis que a Brian se le suele escuchar en 15mts/cw por las tardes, con buenas señales.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 29, 2014 06:42 PM

VQ9XR.....finalmente en octubre 2014

Finalmente puedo anunciar que la operación comenzará alrededor del 25 de octubre 2014. Se me permitirá utilizar VQ92X o VQ92XR para proporcionar a los cazadores de prefijos uno nuevo.

La SteppIR BigIR se instalará a lo largo de la cala y los radiales se colocarán en el agua. La antena debe desempeñar un buen papel de 40-10m. 

La SpriderBeam se colocará en un mástil de aluminio de 35 pies, también debería funcionar bien. No tengo en mente operar por desgracia en 6mts, no pude conseguir a nadie que me donara la antena / cable coaxial necesario. Me encontraréis en  CW, RTTY y SSB. Las donaciones pueden ser enviadas a : n7xr@n7xr.net mediante PayPal Bob Winters, N7XR

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 29, 2014 06:25 PM


“L’EUROPA DELLA IONOSFERA” il 17 e 18 ottobre.

Evento organizzato dalle associazioni di radioamatori ellenici e con il patrocinio del Parlamento Europeo ionosfera 1

Posted at: September 29, 2014 04:49 PM


V4/WJ2O, St Kitts

David WJ2O

Con motivo del Día De Acción de Gracias de este año, mi esposa Chris y yo vamos a partir rumbo a Puerto Rico y quedarnos allí unos días. No tengo planes para operar desde allí.

Luego continuaremos viaje a Basseterre, en la isla St Kitts (V4). Hemos alquilado una villa en la ladera de una montaña al sur de Basseterre y allí planificaré mi estación de radio. Operaré del 26 de noviembre al 2 de diciembre 2014, y participaré en el CQ WW Dx Cw contest.

73´s, Luis EA1CS

Posted at: September 29, 2014 05:42 PM

G3XBM (Roger)


Looking at wsprnet I see VK4TVL and JH1GYE have been spotting each other at a range of 6243km on 6m WSPR earlier today. This is clearly 6m TEP. None noticed on WSPR between the Med and southern Africa or USA to South America. No transatlantic F2 on 6m WSPR seen.

Posted at: September 29, 2014 05:40 PM

10m - USA today

The first station in the USA, K4RCG (5995km) was spotted at 1218z.  Since that time, there have been lots of USA stations spotted and spotting me. 4X1RF (3519km) has also been spotting me from the other direction.

Posted at: September 29, 2014 04:44 PM

AA6E (Martin)

More SteppIR Excitement

Matt and Andrew from XX Towers stopped by to repair the latest problem with my 3-element SteppIR beam antenna. 

After a recent storm, I discovered high-ish (2.2) SWR on the lower bands and approximately 0 dB Front-to-Back ratio.  Effectively, I had a so-so rotatable dipole.  (Still, it was fine for many contacts with JT65.  Sometimes directivity is over-rated!)

The XX guys found that the inner tapes for one half of the director and one half of the reflector were broken.  As a precaution, I had ordered a complete spare EHU (central steppin motor and tape unit). Matt and Andrew were able to cobble together the two good half units into one full element. So we were able to put up a net of two new passive elements, restoring us to normal SWR and F/B performance, saving us having to order another new EHU and scheduling another service day.  Amazing! 

We hope this fix will hold us for some years to come.  Crossing fingers.

Posted at: September 29, 2014 04:12 PM

G3XBM (Roger)

10m WSPR - excellent start

HB4FL spotted me many times before breakfast starting at 0430z. I was also being spotted in Italy before breakfast. Writing this at 0922z, I see EA is now being spotted. I assume this is Es?

VK3KCZ (16883km) has been spotted a couple of times, so far, although he is running 10W (high power for WSPR).

Sunspot count today is 200 (good, but expect blackouts) and 20-30MHz propagation "normal". Some decent F2 openings are likely on 10m.

Posted at: September 29, 2014 11:22 AM

F5IRO (Freddy)


L'actualité high-tech de la semaine.

Posted at: September 29, 2014 10:25 AM